Rimfire scope moving

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May 12, 2004
UC Davis
The cheap bushnell scope I am using on my Marlin model 60 is moving when I shoot. No matter how hard I tighten the knobs it it always moves. A few hundred rounds will move it back an inch. This is quite annoying because it also messes up the zero. Has anyone fixed this problem through any other methods than "buy more expensive stuff"?

This is the scope by the way.


Is this a warranty issue?
Are my rings no good?
Has anyone managed to fix such issues by themselves? Threadlocker? Glue?
Some dovetail rings, like the Weavers I'm using, have a smooth as well as a serrated side to the clamp. Make sure you get a serrated set of mounts, and that the clamps are not upside down, with the smooth side against the dovetail. That should stop movement. And don't just hand-tighten the thumbscrews, use a screwdriver and snug 'em down pretty good, so the serrations get a bite.
Clean the groves and the ring's clamp edges real good with alcohol or brake parts cleaner and re-assemble with some Loc-Tite 620 retaining compound.

If this fails you'll need new rings with the serrations as mentioned above.

Well I tried using alcohol to clean everything that makes contact.

And I am using a quarter to tighten it as much as I can. I don't want to try any harder or I am afraid I will strip it.

Of course I can't tell if it works till I next go to the range. I guess I'll try serrating the mount next if that doesn't work. Since they are cheap and don't work anyway, I wouldn't feel too bad about damaging them.

I'd like to avoid using loctite because I'd like it to be removable.
if a rimfire is moving your scope an INCH in the rings, something is very wrong. even crappy rings should hold a rimfire scope in place. still, if the scope is physically moving, the problem would have to be the rings. i'd start by replacing them.
an absolutely minuscule amount of valve grinding compound applied inside the dovetail underneath the rings will lock things down solid for decades.
Contrary to the opinions of many, no Loc-Tite is permanent, all you need to do is heat it. 300-500 deg F depending on the grade of the Loc-Tite.

In a screw the area being bonded is usually large compared to the amount of material available to generate torque to break the bond. So it can be impossible to loosen it without damage to the screw head or nut if you don't use heat to weaken the bond first. On your scope mount that is not the case so its not hard to remove the ring clamp from the groove after Loc-Tite once you've loosened the screws.

Note I'm not suggesting using Loc-Tite on the screws that clamp the mount to the groove.

+1 to the right sized screwdriver and if you strip it or break it, well, you'll need new rings anyway if these won't stay in place.

The Loc-Tite trick has worked for me several times. IMHO worth a try before you buy new rings.

They make a friction type tape for this, or you can try dab of the wifes nailpolish in the rings. Be sure to get all the oil or grease off the scope and rings before assembly. Any oil will screw with the rings ability to hold.
Thanks guys. A lot of good suggestions here. Just to be clear, it's not the scope that's moving in the rings, it's the rings on the reciever.

I'll try a few things and see how they work out.
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