Rocking Remingtons


Sep 12, 2010
I'm a Remington shotgun fan. First one was an 870 12 ga 28" mod plain barrel in 1962 when I went off to Michigan for college. Many since.
A TB I bought out of our shop in 1975 is still with me after hundreds of thousands of trap loads, a couple slugs and a little steel shot.
I have given my boys each a pair of 870s. Also, an 1100 each.
I shot an 1100 (one of about ten I've had since '70) after my spinal fusion. I still shoot it for fun and with a skeet barrel during our combo league.
Present lineup includes the TB, a Classic, a regular Wingmaster, an Express (slicked up) for HD, another early Express with Jack West stock for the youth team, an 1100 Trap, another 1100 20 with mod and skeet barrels, and an 1100 field which will be another granddaughters high school trap gun. A 3200 for doubles and fun rounds it out.
Later this year I just might buy a new RemArms 870 to see how parts interchange.
Barrels, from full, mod trap, mod. i.c., skeet, riot, rifled slug and smooth bore slug. Two 28" expresses with Remchokes.
Trap, skeet, sporting, deer, turkey, duck, and terrorists, all covered.
Your faves?
My Remington shotgun experiences went like this:
- Shot my Dad's Model 11 from the time I could lift it to my shoulder until I got my own .410 bolt action at a pretty young age. Continued to shoot the Model 11 some when the .410 wasn't enough gun. The Model 11 always seemed to be a miracle gun in terms of how far out it'd make wing shots or bust clay targets, despite being a cylinder bore. It always seemed like a soft shooter (little recoil) even from the time I could barely wrangle it. I currently have an Auto 5 that strikes me the same way. Waaaay less felt recoil than my pumps shooting the same ammo.

- Got a new 870 when I was about 16 or so, kept it for a few months, traded it for a new 1100 (or visa-versa -- can't recall for sure which I had first). Eventually sold the latter of these two and got a 20 gauge Savage Fox Model B-SE. (The B-SE was not a durable gun at all, I was frequently working on it to fix the ejectors. I sold it and got a 20 gauge Model B that has been a tank and I still own it and love it more than 45 years later.)

- At about 20 or so, I got a new 26" Field Grade 3200 that I loved and still own. I worked up a lot of different loads for the 3200 (shot size/shot charge/wad/powder/muzzle velocity) and can use it for almost anything that can be done with a shotgun having a 2-round capacity.

Model B on top in the photo below, 3200 second down.

Side note: Looking at the differing lines on all of the guns in the photo, I wouldn't have expected that they'd all fit me and work well, shoot where I'm looking, etc. But they somehow all do. <shrug>
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When I started shooting Trap at 14, I was allowed to use my Dad's back-up 1100, one the same age as me, both 1963 vintage. The 1100 had been much abused, and wouldn't fire two rounds in a row. I basically rebuilt that gun so I could duck hunt with it. Word got around the gun club (I also worked there as a trapboy) that I worked on guns, and soon I was working on 870's Win. Model 12's, and other models on the coffee table in the club house.
When I turned 18, I bought a 30" Full 870 Wingmaster, and gave the 1100 back to my dad, able to fire 5 rounds without jamming. My sister used it for Trap and duck hunting for a while, then later a home defense gun when she got married. I have owned at least one 870 since 18, though my younger son has my 870 TB for now. I still have the 1100 Competition Synthetic I bought a few years ago.
My first deer rifle was a Remington also, a 742 Carbine in .30-06.
My parents gave me an 1100 for 8th grade graduation in 1977. It has served me well since then. I still hunt with it in its original unmodified condition.
I believe that I have taken every game animal that is legal in Illinois with it. I suppose there's some sort of snipe or lessor snow goose or something that I lack....but the usual game animals all fell victims during my bloodthirsty youth.
I have an 870 as my HD gun...and another 870 laying on the bench waiting for me to decide how I want it configured as a fighting shotgun.
And an 870 supermag 3½inch...and an 870 .410
Then there's my 870 Comp trap gun. The very first 100 that I shot with it, I broke 93x100, the second 100 was 100x100. I have been shooting it ever since.
I bought a left handed 870 for #1 son when he was 13.
I bought an 870 magnum for #3 son
My grandpa bought an 870 for my dad the first year they were produced (1951?)
My family has a long history with Remingtons.


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Remington is my favorite shotgun maker. I guess that was handed down to me by my Dad, who started shotgunning with a Sportsman 58 and moved to the 1100 later on. The 870 was a duty shotgun I used for over 30 years, so it, too is extremely familiar to me.

The 1100 and 870 also seem to fit me very well, so the Remington brand makes up most of my shotgun cadre. :)

In the set are my Dad’s old Sportsman 58 and his 1100 12 gauges, along with my 20 ga LT 20 1100 and 870, a .410 1100, a 12 ga Trap and a 870 12 ga set up for HD. :)

Stay safe.
An 1100 was my fifth shotgun in 1963 at age 15. With it I went from local joke to league high average skeet shooter in 7 months. Killed my first limit of dove with way less than a box of shells and a Herter's dove call the following fall. Got a Wingmaster 12 Magnum in 1974 and killed two geese with the first two shots. Found a new in the box unfired first gen rollmarking and checkering 1978 LT 20 Magnum in 1982. You didn't have to use the steel 12 gauge blanks in a 20 and it was a lifesaver. Got into selling guns and gunsmithing, and owned many more Remingtons and others. Shot game from Chesapeake Bay, to Louisiana, to Ontario and Manitoba, and many a clay pigeon. I'm winding down now, and all are gone but those three. No regrets.
I'm not a 'shotgun guy' whatever that means, like I'm not a dog guy, but I can appreciate some dogs if they have nice temperaments. My ex-wife's berger picard is one hell of a fine dog. So smart and patient with her, like I just couldn't be.

I wanted a couple of shotguns as part of the kit for the impending collapse of civil society a couple of years ago (still waiting, patiently, as I'm not happy about it, but pretty well prepared), so I picked up a couple of lightly used 870 Express 12ga from a local shop and a guy up North who didn't like the 'tactical' kit on his, and set to work making them 'mine.' Shorter barrels, a shortened and re-threaded mag tube on the one I kept for myself to hold 3 shots, slightly longer and 4 shots and a folding Butler Creek stock for my little brother. Mine got a little pistol grip and MCS forend. Simple units, assembled for practicality not charm. Lots of polishing of the internals, proper machined 'police' extractors, made a couple of improved, lower-friction followers. And on the shorty I found the overlapping forend tended to offer me a long, skinny blood blister on the heel of my oversized left hand, so I got the Dremel going and rounded the reciever and polished and blued it so now it's comfy as heck racking the thing.


Then a good friend, US army guy now living in my province, was missing a home defence shotgun like he had in the States and asked me to keep an eye out for an old Wingmaster. Found one in a couple of months from some nice old man in Quebec, varnish badly damaged but with intact walnut. Nice deal for $600 I thought (Canadian). Stripped and polished the wood, did some coats of Tru-Oil, cleaned up some tiny rust in the mostly-perfect polished bluing. Lovely gun. He wanted it for the same reason as me and didn't want to chop down his fine long duck gun. This is the before, during, then the after, when he decided to sell the stock and forend because he thought they were too nice now to keep on a blaster, and wanted something with a powerful light on it anyway. So I got him the Magpul stuff and Streamlight forend and a sling plate and now he's happy. He's 6' 4" hence all the buttplate stackers. Big old orangutan of a man. Loves the shotgun, and I'll admit to being a bit reluctant to pack it up and ship it to him. Something very comforting about a good polished blue like that.



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The 870 is the best thing ever designed and manufactured by Remington. At times it, as all Remington's, have suffered QC issues. And I never cared for the reverse stamped checkering used on many of them over the years. In some years the Wingmaster came with real checkering and those would be my favorites. If not that I'm content with the synthetic stocked versions. Personally, I've never had a single issue with the Express or other budget 870's.

I currently have 2. One in 12 ga with synthetic stock and 2 barrels. A 26" that takes Remchokes, a 20" with rifle sights. But the barrel that stays on there most of the time is a 21" turkey barrel that takes Remchokes. I like it better than the rifle sighted version for HD, and it doubles as a turkey gun.

The 2nd is a 20 ga youth gun with a 21" Remchoke barrel. It is my primary turkey gun.

I had an 1100 and 11/87 for a while. They were revolutionary when 1st introduced, but IMO there are better semi-auto's made now.
I have several 870s and an 11-87, if Rem Arms will not make spare parts available to consumers, I will be forced to look to another shotgun. Even the secondary market for Rem 870/11-87 parts has dried up and been inflated 1000%... not cool

These are my favorites...


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I am a Remington fan in general. I have an 870 Express from the 90s. I'd rather have a Wingmaster from the 80s... but my Express shoots GOOD. I can break clays with it all day long. An 870 feels right to my shoulder, in my hand. And it looks good.

I also like the old Remington 22 rifles.
My Rockin' Remington is a Model 11. I had to get a new barrel for it. It now has removable choke tubes, ghost ring rifle sights, a Browning A5 plastic forearm, extended mag, and the A5 quick load 2 piece lifter. I use it for 3 Gun competition.
when i bought this 870, i was told it is was made in the first year 870,s were made, i was offered it for a very,very good price as it has a 2-3/4" chamber that no one seemed to want. it is in super condition for being over 70 years old. i added a 20" smooth bore cylinder barrel with rifle sights and a 28" vent rib barrel with rem choke to it.


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