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Rossi .223 & 20ga for my daughter's B-day (8)

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by gdcpony, Feb 11, 2009.

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  1. gdcpony

    gdcpony Member

    Aug 28, 2008
    Sherrodsville, OH
    This might border a little on the shotgun side of things, but oh well.
    I just picked my daughters' next gun, a Rossi matched pair (.223 and 20ga). It was got for the younger one's B-day this weekend, but they will end up sharing it as with the other ones. They bothe wanted to go hunting yotes, g-hogs, and deer with me, and this gun will do that (a .410 failed us miserably last year and my .223 is too heavy for them to use).
    I mounted a beat up scope to it for the .223 and took it out to "test fire" and was pleased. I will load up some test rounds later and see what it'll do at the range in a 8yr old's hands. I plan to mount a cheap .22 scope to it and let the kids beat it up until they decide whether they love to shoot or not. From what I saw on the little test target in the yard it might be a real shooter. I'll be sure to take some pics and do a write up on the rifle. As I said I think I will like that part of it.
    Next I "tested" the 20ga out. a load of Federal 6 shot in 2 3/4 about killed me. It kicked worse than any other gun I own. I toiled on and tried a couple slugs and now I feel beat down by a kids gun. I use a 20ga myself, but it weighs considerably more (bull barrel, thumbhole stock, scope, bipod). It doesn't abuse me this bad with 3" slugs.
    So my kids have 2 things about shooting they don't like. Noise (earmuffs solve it) and recoil. I can't add weight to it as that would defeat the point of buying a "youth" gun. I am going to try to load some reduced loads (I have a few 2 1/2 inch hulls), and not let them shoot it until I get it tamed. Heck, I don't want to shoot it!
    I just wondered if you all had any ideas how to cut it down outside of loading (load ideas welcome too!). Remember these are the future of our rights. Here are a couple pics of them with their favorite "toys" so you can see why recoil worries them and me. As you can see they aren't going to be able to take even what a wuss like me can. It might even injure them. l_03ddf5178aef86776c438ca311001fc9.png l_5c740a11aac5f29526c2ccc6c8fc240b.png
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