Ruger LCP Gen 1 vs Gen 2 ?

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The easiest way to tell is by the serial number. The first gen LCP has a dash - in it. So something like 371-4567 is first gen and 372345 is second gen. I believe the second gen has slightly better (higher profile sights) and also a better trigger. From reviews I have read many people say the LCP Custom is the best (it has a red trigger) because the sights and trigger were improved once again on that model. Also if you are buying used be sure to check the serial number if it is a first gen. There was a recall and certain gen 1 lcp had to be sent back. You can obtain the information on rugers website about where the serial number cut off falls. The price of these has dropped recently and they can be found for $199 or even less (use slickguns website to find best prices). Even the "custom" can be had for around $220 or less typically
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Serial number is the easiest way to tell. No dash in the serial number.

As mentioned the Gen 1 sights are super tiny. The Gen 2 are slightly taller but not as tall as the custom which has the red alum trigger. Gen 1 on the left Gen 2 on the right. They also changed the trigger geometry to make the pull shorter not necessarily a lower weight although it feels lower. It is IMHO a better trigger.


My Gen One that was recalled was stamped to denote the work was done. A diamond on the rear next to the hammer slot is the usual mark.

After the work was done the trigger was no better. It was a change in parts to prevent discharge due to some combination of mishandling that a very few experienced while NOT on a range but in their home. Things like rugs, TV's and beds were shot.

Ruger goes the extra mile so the gun went back. However it was no improvement in trigger pull so I sold it off. No loss as I later purchased a much better gun for more money. You get what you pay for and the LCP is a great example of how Ruger improved the Keltec with some superior value engineering.

Kinda :scrutiny: :scrutiny: on my part but many enjoy them.
The better trigger comes from Galloway Precision.

I have a diamond stamped gen1. All I have done so far is add the magazine extenders and the Hogue grip sleeve. It was just too small in my hand in stock form. Yes the trigger is a long pull. If you own other handguns with better triggers you will definitely be wondering when it will fire. But it does, finally.

Oddly, I shoot it well, nearly non existent sight and all. Which is why I have kept it. Just keep the web between thumb and index finger well below the slide. :eek:
I've got an LCP of each model illustrated by WVsig's nice pics.

The first version is a surprisingly accurate little plastic .380 pistol, even with its rather rudimentary fixed sights.

The newer version (stainless slide) offers fixed sights that are a bit easier to see, although the angle of the rear of the slide and rear sights can reflect some bright light, making it harder to acquire them. Taller front sight post, though. I've added a dab of nail polish to the front posts, and in the bottom of the rear notches, of my LCP's, making it easier for me to see them.

The trigger/hammer design revision of the newer LCP does make it easier to run the little gun, compared to the previous model, and I found it even easier to use on a standard 3-15yd qual course-of-fire than a couple of my well-used S&W J's. Nice.

I let one of the other instructors try the new one the other day, as he's thinking about replacing his S&W Bodyguard .380 as a secondary & off-duty weapon. He owned an earlier version of the LCP before he bought the Bodyguard, and he was very pleasantly surprised by the revised LCP.

If someone hasn't used such a diminutive .380 before, it might be prudent to try and find one to rent and try out on the range. I've seen some guys with really large hands unable to manipulate it well, and watched one guy with hands that weren't all that large have some issues, due to his grip. His thumb repeatedly - and unintentionally - rubbed the slide while he was shooting it (with his high thumb position), causing repeated stoppages due to his thumb's pressure slowing the movement of the slide. Once I pointed out his thumb placement problem, and he moved his thumb away from the slide, the little LCP ran fine in his hand.

I've tried 4 or 5 different major American maker JHP's in my own LCP's, and all of them have fed, fired, extracted & ejected normally.

Handy little .380's, and the first one's I've owned in more than 25 years, since trading off a Beretta M84. I usually carry one of them as one of my LEOSA weapons when making road trips out-of-state. I use a carefully trimmed Hogue Handall Jr grip sleeve on mine, just to give me a slightly wider & "stickier" grip profile, and the single finger groove located under my middle finger is comfortable, too.

Thanks. Just wanted to make sure the pin that secures the upper rear of the grip hadn't moved due to the other changes.

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