Ruger M77 Tang Safety in .308 New Acquisition!!

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I had that rifle in .22-250, purchased in early to mid-1970's that would literally shoot to the same hole at 100 yards time after time. Just one ragged hole.
I've only shot factory ammo in this .257 Roberts...Winchester 117 +P, Remington 117 Core-Lokt, Hornady Superformance 117 grain +P. It prefers the Hornady Superformace ammo with the polymer tip. Those do 1.5"-2" groups at 100 yards.

I have a box of Federal Premium Vital-Shok ammo with 120 grain Nosler Partition Bullets but have not shot any of that...yet.

I might try some of the 100 grain ammo in it someday.

Within the distances I deer hunt all is good.

If you're talking about bolt-action sporting rifles, please let us know when you find one more rugged than the Ruger. I, for sure, would be interested in it.
I am thinking of tactical or varmint style rifles. Laminated or fiberglass stock w/ aluminum block bedding, along those lines.
I am not hunting, shooting at lifeless targets of various types. Accuracy matters.

Can't buy a rifle just for its good looks, if the consensus on accuracy is all over the place.
A guy here had one of the first run of M77 .220 Swift, reportedly with Douglas barrel. It was extremely accurate, so accurate that he quit wasting barrel life on varmints and casual targets and shot it in benchrest matches with factory category. He won much more than the cost of the rifle in cash match prizes.

Another fellow had a thing for 7x57. His Ruger in the caliber was dismal, in spite of a new barrel on the second return. So he had a gunsmith put on a Douglas. Why he went up to .280 Rem, I don't know, but it works. He reports that its non-magnum bullet will NOT bounce off elk hide.
I've only shot factory ammo in this .257 Roberts...

Looks exactly like my Ruger Roberts, purchased new on 9-29-75 for $188.52 plus tax. Mine is scoped with a Weaver "Micro-Track V7" (2x7). 117 grain Remington "Core-Lokt" bullets kill whitetails as quick as anything else I've ever used and are plenty accurate and flat shooting for anything I hunt for (up to 300 yards or so). I've taken a few woodchucks with it too over the past several decades.
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