Ruger Mini-14 180 Series locked up

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Jul 9, 2010
Hello all,
I was on the range the other day with a co-worker, and I had brought my Ruger Mini 14, because my co-worker was a new shooter, I figured it would be best to start my co-worker off with something small-caliber and easy to shoot.

Anyway, I had brought a couple boxes of some new Brown Bear 55gr FMJ ammunition that I had bought from my LGS. I have been shooting Tula through it forever, and it's always fed fine. However, when I loaded up the Brown Bear, the first round didn't go off. I racked the bolt, ejected the dud round and tried again. This time, the round fired, and ejected about halfway and jammed. I cleared it, fired again, and the rifle fired, but the bolt didn't retract. I tried retracting it manually, and I couldn't. I pulled as hard as I physically could, but to no avail. I finally got the cleaning rod and wiggled the stuck case around until I was able to manually retract the bolt. I was pleasantly surprised to find a section of the case rim had been ripped off. After confirming that the bolt cycled fine by hand, I loaded up my last box of the Tula, and it fired all 20 rounds beautifully. Not a single jam/hiccup/misfire.

I've read good things about Brown Bear .223. What gives?
Magtech has some steel core stuff out now that is the same price as brownbear/tula/wolf in my area... brass cased. I learned the hard way to just stick to brass. PMC has some pretty cheap brassed cased stuff as well.
Stick with PMC, basically, come to terms with the fact that 223 is gonna cost 6 dollars a box of 20. lol.
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