Ruger Security Six

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Evil Roy didn't stand a chance against you and your Ruger.
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Pretty fancy shooting sighting through a camera, enjoyed the video! I'll never part with my Security Six.
The Security Six is one of the best revolvers I've ever owned. My dad has one and it's amazing.

Ruger never should have stopped making these things.
I still have two security sixes ,one I carried as a young officer....I have a GP100 also but I think the fit and finish is still better on the sixes........ I won't get rid of them, just pass them down to the family in time......
Nice shooting!

Mine's a 2-3/4" stainless and is a really great gun. Was looking (am still) for a 4" but couldn't pass this one up.
It's the best revolver ever made.
Not the prettiest, not the most finely finished, but the strongest in the most useful size and best all-around caliber, and
the very best designed.
I have a 4-inch Service Six (1974) and a 2 3/4 inch Service Six (1977). Love 'em both. Carry 'em both. Will never get rid of them.
I still use my 4" bicentennial Service Six as one of two alternating EDCs. It has never failed me and is easy enough to conceal if I need it.
My blue 6" has a nice trigger job on it, and will outshoot a Python. There is no better service revolver at any price.
I picked up a brand new Blue 6" in 1980.
I basically shot it to death, and they will die if you feed them 110's and 125 full tilt magnums all the time.
Nothing bad about that old girl. She just saw a ton of blasting.

My brother happened to be lucky enough to pick up a stainless version.
I told him not to worry, I'd gin up some ammo for him (not full tilts by the way, just very good, consistent home brew HP's)
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