S&W Free Magazines rebate - not shipped!

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Jun 17, 2006
Have any of you received your free S&W M&P magazines from their rebate offer valid from February 27 to April 30, 2009?

For me it is 12+ weeks and counting. It was meant to be 8 to 10 weeks. My valid submission was received by their rebate processor and forwarded to S&W at the beginning of April. When I called S&W on May 29 they said wait 2 more weeks. That was last Friday. Guess I need to call again.

What has your experience been?
Bought my M&P45c in Dec '08, did not receive mags until April '09. They might be free, but you'll be a waitin' for 'em for a long while. I'd be surprised if you get them in under 20weeks.
Got my M&P 9 in the beginning of April and got my mags middle of May. When I check my rebate status it still says they haven't shipped. Maybe I'll get 2 more! Just wishful thinking probably. Someone else got a M&P 40 the same day as me and got their mags a week after I did. Another relative got a 9c in early March and is still waiting.... I think it depends on the magazine type more than anything.
bought my 45c in mid april and received them about 2 weeks ago. i got an email 2 days before they arrived saying they were shipped. did you happen to include your email address on the form?

and you can check the status online from the S&W website.
Thanks guys. It is a 9c, so made it is a supply/demand issue. They have my email address, but no contact so far.
I heard demand for the M&P pistols was swamping them and making huge demands on not just magazines, but most parts, as well. For a while routine parts orders were resulting in many parts being placed on back order while most parts received from vendors were being routed directly to production of the guns.

I thought I heard that at one point S&W was back ordered something like 75,000 magazines.

I'd be patient.
I don't know about the m&p rebate but I never got the mags from the sigma rebate and s & w wasn't helpful at all. I decided never to buy any s&w product new again. I like the product so I will purchase used from now on. Good luck.
I bought a .40 M&P and received two 9mm mags. Don't have a clue to whom I should complain or return them.


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It's been awhile but my two rebate experiences went well. I waited a while but not much more than 5 - 6 weeks. On the first one, I got two mags and $50. The mags came a long time before the $50...like twice as long.

I shipped my M&P 45 back to them for repair without any magazine and it came back with one...so ultimately, I ended up with three free mags for my M&P 45.

My experiences with S&W customer service have been good, especially this February when I shipped out on Feb 2 and got back on Feb 9, fixed and ready to go with that extra mag.

I understand that there have been a number of Law Enforcement Agency's switching over so perhaps they are hammered right now.
Update: Just called. According to customer support rep they are having supplier issues, and it could be as long as September before they supply outstanding rebate requests. That would be 6 months.
I thought everybody was short on mags these days. I imagine they're having trouble getting enough to supply their new gun sales, much less giveaways and aftermarket.

I'm still looking for 14-round FNP-45 mags, but all I find is the 15-rounders. Yes, I bought some, but I still want more of the 14s.

Was this just for M&P? Bought my sigma in march, but I also got it for $50 less on sale, and they had new mags for $30 at the place I bought it. Can't say I won't buy an S&W again, since they pay the fee to send it back if there are problems with it.
At last!! Six months later and the two 9mm 12 round rebate mags arrived today.
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