S&W SD9VE 9mm or a Taurus?

I have been a bit reluctant to reply to this thread & most likely the OP has already bought something but here goes. I've only owned one Taurus auto. It was a PT-111 Millenium Pro G2. It did work. I sold it off because the blued finish was weak & I strongly disliked the trigger. The trigger reminded me of a cap gun I had when I was 6. I have not owned but have shot a SD9VE. The trigger on it is a bit stiff. Not really a fan of that trigger but if it were my gun, I am sure with some dry fire time I would be fine with it. The announcement of the new SD9 recently got my attention. When this thread popped back up it got me to do some searching on the SD9. I found a thread elsewhere in which someone commented that the trigger pull of the new SD9 is around 6 pounds. The pistol has a MSRP of $299. I suspect it could be found cheaper than that. I would buy that before I would a Taurus. Even with the old SD9VE trigger I would pick it over the Taurus. Even if the trigger is a bit heavy at least it is consistent & does not give a sproing sensation.