Self-slamming slide on my PM9

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Jul 21, 2003
Navarre, Fl
I recently started to have trouble with the slide slamming shut on my Kahr PM9. I pull the slide back on an empty magazine and the slide locks in place like it's supposed to do. If I release and remove the magazine, the slide sometimes (often) slams shut, as soon as the magazine is removed. Seems to happen with all my PM9 magazines.

This does not seem to happen while feeding live ammo through the gun while shooting at the range. Maybe the slide is receiving enough force to lock it back securely?

I know I can send the gun back to Kahr but it's been back twice already. Just thought I'd see if anyone has any thoughts on possible causes and cures before spending another $30 to send my gun on vacation.

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I just tried mine and it holds shut when I take the mag out...something is fubar'd on yours. If you send it back again, tell them you want a new one.
Howdy danelizer,

Check to see if the slidestop is fully engaging in the notch, or just
catching on the corner. If it's just getting part-way in, it can cause your
slam. Sometimes it shows up as an auto-slam as a magazine is slapped
into the magwell, and sometimes when the magazine is removed.

The causes could be: (In order of probability)

Weak magazine spring.

Worn or misshapen magazine follower not lifting the lug high enough,
and preventing full engagement.

Interference (burrs...roughness) somewhere causing the slidestop to
stop short of full engagement. You can check for it. Remove the
recoil spring and align the stop's lug with the notch. Push up slowly
into engagement and feel for a rough spot or burr.

Good luck squashin' that bug.



It turned out to be a problem with the follower, as you suggested. There's a piece missing from the bottom of the follower where it meets the spring.

Problem solved!

What's with this thread???

What's up with this thread? I posted the original question but see it's listed now with danelizer as author. That's not me. It was posted by FunYet. Not that I'm worried about getting proper credit, royalties, and movie rights to the question, just curious how such a thing might happen.
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