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sharpening progress report

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Weapons' started by bikerdoc, Jun 16, 2008.

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  1. bikerdoc

    bikerdoc Moderator Staff Member

    Jan 8, 2008
    Southern Virginia
    I used to only hang out at the auto and revolver forum, then I found you guys. :cuss: Started listening to what you all were really saying, not only about knives and sharpening, but about life philosophies, and how to give back, treat people, share your blessings. This a forum of people of high caliber(45 or 9 ? :neener:) from whom I can learn much, and think like me.
    Any way decided I knew nothing about knives or sharpening so I started to read and research. Then I rummaged through the shed and found some stones, course, medium arkansas, fine and and an old razor hone. Got an old thick leather belt to use as a strop, got my mothers and semi chrome off the bike, ( yes tourist I am a 3 patch biker also) set a little work area next to my gun area and presto, I am ready. Well that was the easy part
    Next I go looking for something to sharpen. Not wanting to start on my randall, schrade or cammilus, I found an assortment of stuff I have bought at yard sales, or were given to me. I fgured if I ruined them I could toss them without regret.
    first of was a little 3 inch folder with no name and only stamped CHINA. I had rosewood scales and brass bolsters at the front. Dull as an rock. Started with the angle, maybe 20 degrees. Now we are talking a 2 3/4 blade so it only took a little while, then came the arkansas, then the hone and the the strop and polished the whole thing on cardboard with semi chrome. I was happy with results, shaved hair off the back of my hand.
    next was a KKC stainless, these are the knive they sell to tourists with wolfs and deer and indians on them. Real cheap, gaudy colors and constuction. This one was ugly as my nieghbors dog and that dog is ugly. again a very good edge -real sharp. so I painted the scales tan and put it in the tool box.
    next knife was a imitation folding hunter lockblade with STAINLESS CHINA on the blade even more sucess, I am on a roll 3 knives in a few day -all pretty good. Learning techniques, trying stuff and feeling good about my progress - wrong - the next project was a pretty rose wood handled lock blade from ROUGH RIDER. after a week of working on it, off and on it is just barely OK. I'll keep working on it:banghead:
    just finished a 4 inch lock blade in 440 C. Kytel handle Got it right, except for the tip. Still I like it and will edc it until I get the schrade LB7 done
    Pics to follow next week when I get my camera back from the grand kids.

    Thanks to you guys I know have a new addiction in addition to caffiene, nicotine, CZ's, rugers, motorcycles, and old trucks:)
  2. The Tourist

    The Tourist member

    Jan 20, 2004
    Madison, WI
    Welcome to the curse of the tinker.

    I like it here, as well. What an oasis. I have simply had my fill of forums with flamers and posers who make you tense up before you've even signed on.

    If you enjoy the "caliber" of people here, may I suggest the Keeping Sharp section of KnifeForums. You'll find adults. Oh, they'll tease you. But you are welcomed in the brotherhood manner you're well familiar with.

    As time permits, take a look at Ben Dale's page, www.edgeproinc.com

    A good honest man. He answers his own phone, and he does not know how to lie.
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