Shout Out to RMR Bullet Company


Feb 7, 2011
Sherwood AR
I recently made my first order from RMR. I've seen them mentioned on several of the forums that I belong to and thought I would give them a try. Their website acknowledged unusually high traffic and extended shipping times. My order arrived in about a week. Communication was good and so was the packaging. I felt sorry for the elderly Postman!

I ordered 3 different weights and types of bullets. My initial thoughts were that they looked good. Out of curiosity I pulled 25 random samples of each to weigh and measure. The diameters were spot on and the weight was within .3 grain, or plus minus .15 grain. This is about what I see with Hornady or Speer. I have not shot any of them yet.

I'm not affiliated with RMR in any way, just a happy customer. Their selection is fairly limited but if you need bullets give them a look.
Yep! Excellent bullet manufacturer. I am only using 6 of their bullets (4, 9mm, 1, 45 ACP, 1, 380 ACP) and I wish they could make more; 124 gr, .357" JHP (38/357 Nuke) with cannalure and a 313" 90 gr, JHP (Nuke) with cannalure for 32 H&R. But I understand the costs and time involved...
I’m moving their direction slowly. This made a big jump that way though. 147 grain 9mm Match Winners fitting 8 shots into 1.5” from 25 yards. I think I have a good load for their 69 grain 0.224” bullets too but need to confirm this weekend. Prices are good and the bullets are accurate. I still plan to shoot a lot of cast bullets but so far cast bullets can only match this accuracy in my 357 Blackhawk.

Everything about them is fantastic. Prices range from decent to pretty darn good. Free shipping. Excellent service. Don’t know if they offer any sort of veteran or first responder discount, but I’m getting a great deal anyway.
Ordered from them in 2020, and the order got pooched in processing. They made it right with free shipping and an experiment bag of 100 or so randoms off the floor. Quality in 9mm which is all I've tried so far is as good or better than any big brands. Will absolutely order again!