Show us a picture of your reloading bench

Simplereloader81--Kitchen table, plastic storage container with lee hand press/rcbs A type dies and i get half inch groups!!!
I like the minimalist approach too. I am a minimalist reloader and would rather spend my money on powder and primers than additional "stuff."
That old cabinet has history, It's been around here for over 35 years. I am still storing it for a buddy's dad, who's wife did not want it in the house after many years. :rofl:
Here's mine. My bother was moving while i was trying to get my bench setup in my new digs. I used the rolling toolbox he gave me in the move. I had a piece of 6"x8"x5/16 angle i mounted to the existing grab bar bracket holes as a press mount and welded up a reinforcing bracket. All my powders, dies, primers ect are locked up in the drawers, no clutter everywhere. The best thing is i can wheel it anywhere.
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Tell us about the air rifle.
Tell us about the air rifle.
The Air Rifle is a USFT Field Target Rifle #13 . It was invented by Larry Durham and later manufactured by Tim @ Mac 1 airguns. It shoots a .177 caliber 10.2 gr pellet at 950 fps. It is super accurate and wind tunnel tested to shoot nickle size groups @ 50 yds. It has an 8X40 Tasco Scope used for range finding and to see little tiny knock down targets 10 to 55 yds.
If you look on the internet for California Airguns Club you can find more about field target. I was the club president several years ago when I lived in SoCal.
Yeah, that is a bit unusual. This bench was one of my first big projects back in my woodworking days. Not my design, just followed the plan.

That is a cool little side box. A while back on THR someone posted a pic but with a recessed box like that at the back of their bench running the length of it. Had all their spray cans (cleaners/lubes) sitting in it. I’ve kept that in the back of my mind because I’m currently making some changes to the reloading room.

Just finished a walk in vault/panic room and all the guns are in there now so I’m in the process of moving the two empty safes out of the reloading room. One a buddy is getting for a case of beer from his cousins brewery and the other is being moved into the garage to be repurposed as a hardened power tool cabinet.

As luck would have it earlier today I put together a heavy duty Husky work bench. That bench will go where the safes were. Was mulling around in my mind how I would fabricate and put that recessed box at the back of it just like I saw in that THR picture I mentioned above.