Small tip for those of you reloading new starline brass

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Comrade Mike

Apr 16, 2013
My new Starline .44 magnum brass was very hard to flare its first go through the press. Stuck like crazy despite cleaning and polishing the die.

A simple solution I found is a quick turn or two of a chamfering tool inside the case mouth, smooths the flaring operation a lot.

Hope this helps someone out, happy loading! Be safe.
Just a light spritz of case lube helps a whole bunch too.

Enough will get in a few case mouths to lube the expander enough to stop all that.

rc is it very hard to get expander and powder funnel back out of case?

There are two situations that create this problem. The first is one we have just recently identified. It seems to be associated with the dillon powder funnel and only a couple of calibers (45 Auto and 40 S&W). The land for expanding case mouth is too long and when you begin to bell mouth the bottom of expander gets into the thicker taper of case and wedges causing it to be very hard to get back out. We have modified several by increasing radius on end and slightly shortening expanding land and this eliminated the problem completely. Call Starline and we will take care of it if you wish. One other cause can be a burr at case mouth created by the final trim operation, which grabs onto expander as it comes back up. This situation does not often appear and can be fixed by deburring case mouth or inside lubing cases.
Thanks Mike. Not sure why I didnt think of that.

Ive noticed a few little "kinks" since Ive started working with new brass lately. Flakes among them.
I chamfer the mouths of all new brass or brass after I trim. It not only helps with the flaring, but reduces the amount of flaring needed to start bullets, resulting is less working of the brass, longer case life and more neck tension.
Yep, any new revolver brass I buy gets chamfered and deburred.

Any revolver brass that gets trimmed gets chamfered and deburred.

I have never done anything to auto pistol brass such as .32 ACP, .380, 9MM, .38 Super, .40 S&W, .45 ACP. Never had a problem. Some .32 ACP range brass, whether found or purchased, can be a bit sticky on the expander, but it only does it a little the first time, then smooths out a lot.
I do this too and it seems to help. I go to some trouble not to over do it, though. I just take the burrs off.
You could leave them running in the tumbler for a month and not tell any difference from an hour, except they would be a little shinier.
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