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Sep 18, 2006
Any idea what a SPAS-12 is worth these days? I got mine back in 1987, and the ones I see now dont have the folding stock anymore, I guess it makes it more evil.:evil: This use to be my home protection gun, but I use a colt 45 and a mossberg 500 for that now. The mossberg is easier for me to move around than the SPAS-12. The SPAS is a bit to bulky and unweilding to me, but for sheer terror factor, and the fact that if I pointed this at an intruder, he would stop whatever he was doing and I would not have to pull the trigger:(
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That gun is worth well over $1000. You have the hook on the folding stock which makes it worth even more. Keep that gun. It'll only appreciate in value.
Unless you just don't want it anymore,I'd hold on to it. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone as a first shotgun,but it's cool to have in the collection.

Plus it's the preferred shotgun of zombie hunters.
You know that with that butt-hook you can shoot one-handed around barricades. That’s what the manual says.

I had one go by for $275 just like that back in '92.

Monster of a gun and I think the prices given are about right these days. I rarely see them come up for sale though.

Maybe check the online sales sites.

Keep it if you can, wish I did!
Mine was stolen in 1988 from my aprrtment in Burbank along with the rest of my guns. They actually wheeled my safe out of my sliding glass door and right through the apartment complex.....

The cops were incredulous when I had to describe the SPAS during the report (they didn't know what it was).. They actually asked me "What are you doing with a gun like that!"....

I miss that gun...what a HOOT!!
That Spas has a few things going for it.

The folding stock is usually more desirable to collector's than the polymer fixed stock, and the attached carry hook only adds to the value. The magazine extension adds more value, just make sure the spring still has good tension. The barrel is the most desirable one piece design, as opposed to the two piece add on. See, when they first started importing the Spas into the USA, they originally came with a 14" barrel. The early Spas had barrel extensions soldered onto the factory threading to extend the barrel up to the legal limit. Your Spas has a one piece barrel... much more desirable.

However, there's one big thing that will hurt you, and that's the lever safety. This is a major hazard, and was recalled back in the day by Frachi. The safety was changed to a traditional push-button safety similar to those found on other firearms. Don't rely on this safety... it's very dangerous. If you can find a trigger group with the push button safety, buy it. It will cost ~$150, but will add much more to the value of the gun.

Finally, the only thing I can't comment on is the recoil buffer. In the back of the aluminum frame above the trigger group is a polymer recoil buffer with a metal plate attached to it. These become old and frail after exended usage, and are prone to breaking. If this breaks, you'll know it because the metal disc will be clanging around in the frame, or might just fall out. These are a pain in the butt to replace, but it can be done. The guy who runs makes replacement buffers.

All in all, I'd say you could expect to get $1200 if you sell this Spas.... maybe $1400 if you find someone who has been looking for one for a while.

Here is mine. Fixed stock, two-piece barrel, short magazine, push button safety. I paid $450 out the door for mine back in March, and I've been offered $1000 on more than one occasion. But for me, it's just too cool to get rid of.

On that same page you can see a target I shot with my Spas from 50 yards with Federal Premium slugs. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. I've done alot of research on these things.
I think there is one of those in the local gunshop here. It has been there for a while, and the pricetag is $1000.

Damn my buddy did get a deal on his. He picked his up at a gunshow in Indy about 3 months ago for $800.

His has the pushbutton safety, the one piece barrel, the magazine extension, and the factory scopemount. It "just" has the polymer fixed stock though.

The hook stock is pretty cool, when I played with one I was able to shoot it one handed fairly well, but damn the thing was heavy.
I like the SPAS-12, it's an excellent shotgun for combat use as well as sporting due to its adaptability and high quality.

Too bad it's not manufactured any more, but you can get a SPAS-15. I believe you'd have to order it directly from though.
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