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Jun 25, 2008
Is there an ar-15 that has a heavy profile 16" barrel and midlength gas system?

I want an ar-15 with an upper like that and a lower with magpul ubr stock and grip. I just don't know where to get a reliable and accurate one that has all the staking and small details done right. What are my options?

I wouldn't mind a carbine length gas system but I do prefer a lightweight, thin, freefloat rail on ar's.
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HBar is unnecessary and you're really limiting your options. If you want something that is done right; Noveske, Daniel Defense, Bravo Company and Spike's Tactical would be my preferences, in that order.
after owning other configurations i found my favorite is a 16" hbar.

we have 2 and find them to be a great balance between slow fired accuracy, and manueverability.

having owned 20" hbars as well as 16", the difference in weight between a 20" hbar and a 20" gov. profile was substantial (my 20 hbar weighed almost 4lbs more than a colt sp1 sporter) while the 16" hbar's we have are less than 8oz heavier than a 16" m4 profile patrolmans carbine

6lbs2oz vs. 6lbs9oz.

i have noticed that the hbar takes longer to get really hot with fairly heavy sustained fire, but it also takes a lot longer to cool back down than the m4 profile.

if i had it to do over i would have gotten the 16" hbar in the first place (as opposed to ever getting a 20")
This is my super heavy barreled AR. The upper is from rguns.net. It is pretty heavy, but I like a heavy gun, they tend to swing better for me. It is extremely accurate and reliable.

The Colt 6721, I believe that's the model, is a hbar 16 inch but with a carbine gas system. Have you checked out bravocompanyusa for what you are looking for? Also Noveske makes a heavier profile barrel than the standard gov profile.
Noveske's profile isn't necessarily heavier, it's just profiled differently, so it has the same weight as the M4 Gov't profile barrel but without the M203 notch and all the step downs.
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I purchased my midlength HBAR from Model 1 Sales, it's a regular A2 upper, with a front sight post. I am getting 3/4" groups at 100 yards with this barrel. I did go through the break-in process when I got it, 3 volleys of 1 round, clean, 1 round clean... then 3X2, then 3X3, then 3X5, cleaning between each volley.

Anyway, I'm very pleased with the accuracy of this gun, and the midlength is in my opinion the best trade-off of portability, sighting radius, accuracy, and ballistics.

One thing about the HBAR's, they are heavy, my midlength weighs over 8 pounds, most of this in the barrel. You might consider the extra $50 to have it fluted, I kind of wish I had. HBAR's seem to be the most commonly available mid-lengths, you will have to look hard to find one in government profile, Del-Ton stocks one in 4140, but it's not chorme lined. If I went other than stainless, I would want the corrosion resistance of the chrome plating, even at the expense of slightly lowered accuracy. I think Del-Ton has the stainless midlengths in stainless, but not sure, check Model 1 sales, I was happy with my purchase. Oh, if you get the HBAR, consider the standard stock, you may find the M-4 or collapsable Mag-Pul to be too light, and your weapon way muzzle heavy.
Don't buy until you look at Larue. Noveske would be my second choice. The Larue hand guard fits my hand better than anything I ever tried too. Both would be very accurate and built to the highest standard.
SPRICE-i love the upper. Rguns customer service does indeed suck, but they put out a nice product. Lucky for me, I haven't needed to use the CS.
Delton uses "Heavy" Barrels on their uppers.
I know they have a midlength that you can choose a Lightweight or the heavy.
Not sure the real diameter of the "Heavy" though.

Delton is a decent manufacturer. Not on par with DD/BCM/Noveske/Spikes ect.... but better than some out there imo
RRA 16 inch upper, 1:9 HBAR, middie, Wylde chamber...sits on a RRA lower with 2-stage trigger.

Very accurate...I like it.

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