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Star Firestar M40 Extractor Fixed...Range Report

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by November, Jul 15, 2003.

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  1. November

    November Member

    Dec 28, 2002
    Last month I picked up a used Firestar M40 (.40 S&W) with five extra mags (three of which were the factory seven round model) and didn't notice until I got it home to clean it that the hook of the extractor was broken off. Then I did some research and discovered that new Firestar extractors are no longer available. I mean nowhwere. I got the name of Mike at M&M Gunsmithing in Alexandria, VA here on the boards and gave him a call. For $50 he said he would fabricate a new hook for the extractor and heat-treat it at the same time to better-than-factory specs. I ordered a new firing pin at the same time and sent the barrel, slide, and extractor assembly to him. I got it back a week and a half later and am very pleased with the work Mike did. It looks like a new extractor and I think he even repainted the loaded chamber indicator divot on the top of the extractor. I recommend him to anyone needing this service. As for the Firestar, well it doesn't seem to like the flat-nosed FMJs that I feed it. They are hanging up on the feed ramp (which has been polished very well). I'm trying to find a brand of ammo that has regular round-nose FMJs in .40S&W. If anyone knows a brand, I'm all ears. Accuracy wasn't great either, but It may have been me. I was mostly testing for function. Still, I like the features of the Firestar (single-action trigger, ability to rack the slide with the safety on, all-steel construction, feel in the hand), and will continue to look for ammo that it likes. Maybe JHPs would be a better choice?
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