Suggest a 22 Mag (22WMR) for me...

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Jul 8, 2010
I have a Marlin 981TS, Tube-fed 22LR (all 22s incl. shorts). Pretty much hits what I aim at, within a 2-3 in circle at 50-75 yds. Close enough for me.

I'm now looking for a 22 Mag for small game hunting on my property. I need a little more range and POP than my .22 LR will deliver. Probably need to take down things in the muskrat/goose/small coyote size -- not necessarily those animals, though. I'm convinced a 22Mag is better than a .17 for bigger small game. (right?)

I have a cheap-ish 4-9x scope on my 22LR, and I suspect I'd do the same on the 22Mag. I'm not into proving anything with iron sights, and really one eye dominant. I just want to make hits. I will be crawling through the brush with it at times -- no safe queens, please.

I'd love to have an autoloader for quick follow-up shots and to practice with, but like the ?increased? capacity of the bolt-action models. I do have a budget, but a crazy $1500 Volquartsen would NOT pass with the budget committee. Here are some choices :


1. Marlin XT series -- I hear the triggers are very nice...

XT-22MVSR --- #70831 -- 7 shot clip mag

XT-22MTW (70851) – 12shot tube load


2. Remington Model 597597 (26560) - 8 shot mag
I thought I heard these were hard to find?

3. CZ-USA 512 -- 5 round magazine. CZ says it is a new design ... Hmmm... Also uses mags from their other models.

All right, guys and gals .... Lemme hear what YOU think of tghese or others.

Savage 93 FV for about $250. i plink shotgun hulls at 100 yds off the bench with mine with boring consistency. i got it at Dick's on sale. it came with a worthless scope. i put on a low cost Simmons 22 mag 3-9x32AO in a DNZ mount and swapped the plastic stock for a Boyd's Rimfire Target Hunter. i absolutely love that rifle.
I have an XT22 mag for sale in the classified section. Like new, 7 & 5 shot clips, Simmons Mag Scope, black synthetic, adjustable trigger. Nice gun if you need one. I realized I don't need 22 mag.

All that aside, if I had a $500 budget and needed one, I'd get a CZ. My budget was under $300 and the Marlin was, IMO, best in that price range.
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