Suppressing an RFB

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Mar 26, 2008
Fort Richardson, AK
Hello All,

I recently decided to take the plunge and put an RFB on order from my local LGS. Luckily, I have about 8 months left in Afghanistan...which probably lines up with the wait time on an RFB pretty well. SO, I thought I might as well get started on the suppressor idea I had as well. Need some help hashing out the details though.

Anyone tried to suppress one? I like the idea as even an 8" suppressor would only make the OAL about 35"...and I want to suppress a .308...and I think it might be allowed for hunting in Alaska...woot!

Anyhow, any suggestions? My current situation (needing to keep Household 6 happy) requires me to:
1. Keep it under/at ~$600-800+stamp

2. HAS to be a long life on the thing. I want this to outlast MY KIDS. I know nothing is forever, but you know...I don't want crap.

3. Preferably 5/8x24 threads as the RFB comes standard with those, if I have to get a new flash hider, oh well. I'll bite the bullet for a better db reduction

Any ideas or right areas to start looking? I heard that I might have to get a new gas trap (I think thats the right term) for the RFB as it vents gas or something, making suppressing it hard. Any info?

I would ideally get the paperwork started here in Afghanistan after my trust is made, but we'll see. I might put it in in June when I'm on leave.

-SSG John V.
4-25 ID (ABN)
With those requirements, I'd cut right to a proven silencer and get an AAC 762SD with QD mount in 5/8x24.





MATERIAL: 316 stainless steel & Inconel 718

AVAILABLE THREADS: 5/8"x24RH, 9/16"x24LH, 9/16x24RH, 1/2x28RH, M15x1RH, M18x1RH

He has the best price on that silencer I've ever seen, but you have to contact him to get a quote. I can tell you from experience with that exact silencer that his price is quite a bit under MSRP and would probably make you grin ear to ear.

Also, I bought three silencers from him in the past with no issues at all. :)

I hope this helps.

EDIT: Also, MAN it looks good with a 762SD on there.

Possibly ask Mr. Volk what was done to that rifle? Or how to get in touch with the owner to ask, anyway. :)
That or the Gemtech HVT where the quick detach mount replaces the flash hider. I've got one waiting the stamp, but my RFB is not reliable enough to merit trying to suppress it.

Plan to use it on my RRA LR308, Draco-C AK SBR, and with sub-caliber 5.56 AR, for which the SBR paperwork I'm also waiting on :(
Wally: How do you mean unreliable? Was it not cycling, not feeding? Anything to look for when I pick mine up? What ammo were you using?

On the AAC 762-SD, anyone own one? My coworker owns an AAC and is very happy with it, so I'm not concerned with the quality of the can, so much as the price being worth it. Any thoughts?
I'm not concerned with the quality of the can, so much as the price being worth it. Any thoughts?

100% worth it. After hearing what it did to a 17" barreled 30-06, I started wondering why the price tag wasn't doubled.
The Delta P is the way to go with the RFB since it's a short, fat can...Delta P is the picture above...when that picture was taken it was offered by TT.
I have a buddy who runs a gemtech sandstorm on his RFB, I have not got to shoot the complete package yet but it seem like a cool idea.
With suppressors on these bull-pups, do you guys get a face full of smoke from the ejection port due to the increased back pressure from the suppressor?

I've shot one of those RONI's with a GLOCK host, and it seems to smoke up something fierce in your face. Wondering if these bull pups have the same issues. Especially with rapid fire.

Thanks in advance.

details are here:

After the third return they basically sent me a new rifle build around my original serial number and stopped answering my Emails. Its usable, but has never gone more than 98 rounds without a stoppage, but so far its always been either a short stroke (click, bolt closed on an empty chamber) or the bolt hangs failing to strip the round from the magazine.

Maybe it'll "loosen" up with more shooting, but ~300 rounds has not been enough so far, Much needed rain has kept me from getting to try it some more this year.

Problems happen with all the ammo brands and magazines I've tried.
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