Tactical solutions 22 ar15 upper

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Jan 10, 2019
I bought one from a dealer buddie for $200, I shot 25 rounds of remington thunder bolt through it and it worked.

Does anyone have a opinion on these?
I have one I bought used and it functions well, I haven’t wrung it out with match ammo, but it shoots Blazer, Fed Auto Match, and Aguila well. It really likes CCI 38 Gr HPs

Or if you mean how the Thunderbolts are, it’s not particularly good ammo
Others will correct me if I am wrong, but I do believe that Tactical Solutions got out of the 22lr AR business. They no longer list any AR parts or uppers on their website. So replacement parts might be hard to find. They were always known for being accurate and well made uppers. Chiappa even copied the TacSol design with their M4 22lr uppers. Again no available parts from Chiappa either.

Now if yours functioned well with Remington Thunder Bolts, count yourself lucky. They are called thunder duds for a reason.
Uppers not ammo

I have always had good luck with the thunder duds..... it's blasting ammo anyway
I was correct that Tactical Solutions did discontinue their AR 22lr uppers, so parts will be nonexistent.
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