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Taurus 817 Ultralite

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by gbran, Sep 8, 2011.

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  1. gbran

    gbran Member

    Jan 21, 2003
    Dad's interested in the 817 Ultralite, 38 spl, +p rated, 7 shot snubbie, 20 oz.


    This thing is pretty compact. Somehow they make it pretty thin for a 7 shot. He's shot my lighter 357 titanium and found it too peppy.

    Am looking for reviews or opinions. BTW, he has an S&W Airweight.
  2. Eb1

    Eb1 Member

    Jan 15, 2008
    I carry a Taurus 731UL in 32 H&R Magnum 6 shot. Reliable accurate, and has some pop with a 100 grain XTP from Georgia Arms. I like it. Carries well in the pocket. That is all I can give on the Taurus UL revolvers.
  3. antiquus

    antiquus Member

    Apr 15, 2010
    20oz is plenty heavy enough. I carry a S&W 242 - 7 shot airweight probably same weight loaded, barrel's a ½" longer - Shoots +P tolerably, the Buffalo Bore Heavy +P would hurt though. Shooting standard rounds all day at the range is no problem.

    I think the concept of high capacity revolvers is awesome, and if someone was really paying attention they would offer that .327 in an 8 shot with a 3" barrel.
  4. weregunner

    weregunner Member

    Aug 12, 2006
    I don't own a 817 but come from where the 817 crowd hangs out at.
    Most of the gun owners have the 817's direct kin, the 617 in .357 magnum.

    There is nothing wrong with the 817. There are many who have it and like it.
    7 shots is a nice bonus to have in a revolver instead of 5 or 6.

    The .38 Special loads,especially +P variants, give a documented excellent real world track record level of power to stop others violence.

    Buffalo Bore makes 2 excellent standard pressure rounds that give +P velocity, but without the recoil and added noise.

    Federal makes the standard pressure 125.gr Nyclad rounds that are excellent practice rounds and has an excellent record as a fight stopper as well.

    Corbon makes excellent +P light recoiling rounds as well.

    Speer makes the excellent Gold Dot Short Barreled 135 gr. round.

    Oh,yes. The Winchester and Remington 158gr. LSWCHP +P rounds are great as well.

    I own other Taurus revolvers (20 plus) and find them to be a great bargain,reliable, and accurate.
  5. weregunner

    weregunner Member

    Aug 12, 2006
    He just brought a couple other ideas to mind from another Rossi thread.

    There is the non +P version of the Hornady FTX ammo in the 110 gr. guise. This round gets plenty of pentetration, the JHP will not clog, and the round expands dynamically.

    The same goes for the Federal 110 gr. Hydra-shok ammo.

    Another person came up with Fiocchi 125 gr XTP version.

    More from another thread:
    08-14-2011 10:58 AM #15
    Qwiks draw
    Qwiks draw is online now
    Qwiks draw's Avatar

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    Jan 2007
    28 times

    Taurus stops a model if the demand isn't that great for them, normally.

    With the ultra light revolvers in .38 Special or .357 magnum recoil can be vicious or is downright painful. In the .357 magnum case there have been documented cases of actual nerve damage. So these fell out favor by many shooters. That includes well known credentialed been there and done that gun writers and instructors. Practice and actual use get limited and that's not healthy for the owner.

    Yes, there are some who do not mind the recoil and noise. That's up to them. No problem if they can handle it. But the general population can figure on flinch or actual physical damage if the hard recoil versus regular weight snub revolvers are used.

    Progressive use, a lot of it, can and does add up to long term effects over the long run. Many .45 shooters who are now in their 50s and 60s that I know or have read about have cumulative physical damage, i.e. wrist,arm, and shoulder damage, due to so many .45 ACP rounds sent down range over the years. This does not affect everyone to this level, but the numbers of people that it does affect are staggering.

    This can happen very quickly where the .357 magnum snubs are concerned and more so with the light very light weight revolvers.

    Flinch can creep in or be present right away and is hard to rectify, but it can be done.

    So many of us who have the UL models or very light weight snub revolvers go with good premium ammo with a good real world track record that does not offer substantial recoil and are well protected.

    For those who want to use mag ammo in theirs, fine.

    Mas Ayoob documented how shooting qualification courses with scandium revolvers was something that could not be accomplished without consequences and was not looked forward to by him or many others. He teaches recoil control with a S&W 29 or 629 with 180gr. .44 magnum screamers that are full powered. These are brutal loads which he handles with aplomb. Go to the Sc and Ti .357 magnums and that is a different story. Physics wins every time.

    For the .38 Special Buffalo Bore ( Buffalo Bore Ammunition | Strictly Big Bore - Strictly Business ) has 2 very good rounds that are standard pressure rounds.

    Hornady has the Critical Defense ( Hornady.com - Deadly, Accurate, Dependable - Hornady Manufacturing, Inc ) has this. 38 Special 110 gr Critical Defense®
    SKU: 90310 | 25/BX

    MSRP: $27.44
    These will get good penetration, expand dynamically, and the hollowpoint will not fill with fibers or anything else.

    Federal has the Nyclad 125gr which has a excellent documented world track record for self defense.


    38 Special

    125 / 8.1

    Nyclad HP

    Premium® Personal Defense®

    There are other choices for us who prefer more sedate rounds.

    End of quotes.

    If being too light is a problem then take a look 617. It's a tad heavier and is a .357 magnum revolver, but at least you can shoot .38 Specials out of it.

    Rossi makes the 851 which only has 6 rounds, but it is similar enough to Colt in that it fits Colt Positive holsters.

    The 851 has a 4 inch barrel.

    If you want something that has 6 shots but a bit of heft that the UL models don't have then take a look at the Rossi 461/462 or a Taurus 856 stainless steel REGULAR weight frame snub revolver.

    I own both. These are serviceable revolvers.

    Note: Do not order the Taurus Magnesium Lyte 856 version ( I've got one of those two:) ). Those weigh very little and are not +P qualified. The regular 856 is +P rated.
  6. oldfool

    oldfool Member

    Jul 18, 2009
    Thomasville, Georgia
    how new is this model ?
    for those who find 7 especially appealing, fair enough

    but I would think the well proven and well liked Taurus 85 series would be worth a hard look
    likely a better trigger than the S&W methinks, leastways the DAO S&Ws
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