Taurus - The View? Anyone see this?

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Looks kind of interesting and easy to conceal.... just not a fan of Taurus. They get plenty of bad press on the internet and I know that it's not always deserved. I have had some bad luck with them myself and I know of a few issues that others have had.

That being said, They do have a lifetime guarantee so it's not all bad news on the Taurus front... :scrutiny:
That would be kool if they would put a window on a Korth. You could see all that fancy machining. :)

Is that a weight saving feature?
I think it's neat and while I usually have concerns with their quality I have a lot of respect for Taurus pushing the envelope with things. They bring out a lot of new stuff each year and I think it's good for the shooting market in the long run.
Before World War Two Colt made a little .25 Vest Pocket Model. It was all steel of course, except for the (usually) walnut stocks.

Its weight tipped the scale at 15 ozs.

This .38 Special weighs 9 ozs. :what:

I'll pass. :uhoh:
I would like to spend the afternoon with one, put a few different loads through it,
but I don't think I'd be interested in owning it afterwards.
With a different set of grips, a metal sideplate, and a manufacturer other than Taurus, I'd be interested...I have small hands, so a set of badger boot grips or something similar might not give up a lot in concealment but make it much more controllable for me.
Think they will come out with a .357 version?
not that I'd want to own one.

"our lightest firearm yet"....
Good lord...does that include the PT22?!? That thing is snappy with .22lr!
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You know, I'm half surprised that Federal didn't team up with Taurus to get this produced in .327 Magnum along side the .38 Spl model. I figure it'd be less painful if down loaded with .32 H&R Mag or .32 Auto for range practice.
They said in the video you will love it or hate it...hate it!! The aesthetics of the window is cheesy/gimmicky, but more importantly, unless they have one which is "curved" to the other side for left handed shooters, it won't work for me with close bodily retention. Though I did like the way it fit the model. :D
Whether you like Taurus or not, I applaude them for their continued innovation. I wonder his long before Smith steals the idea.....
VA-27 said:
If it's not overpriced, I may beta test one.

I've long wanted to pick up an older Charter Arms and cut it down like that. Just never got around to it.

If you mean the hammer Charter sells a spurless replacement hammer.
They do have a lifetime guarantee so it's not all bad news on the Taurus front...

It seems you have to pay shipping to return it for warranty work if something breaks, which will cost you ~$60 unless you can find an FFL dealer to send it back for you at a lower price (They get to use much lower cost shipping methods).

I've a fair number of Taurus pistols and none have given problems, but none other than the PT-92 and PT-1911 9mm have seen any serious usage.

I do like their design creativity.
If you mean the hammer Charter sells a spurless replacement hammer.

No, I meant cut the barrel and ejector rod down to a nubbin' and shorten the grip frame. Back when I was brainstorming this, older Charter snubbies could be had for a song in lots of pawn shops and the grip frame and ejector design were suited to the modification.
I've had bad experiences with Taurus...especially the model 85 and its variants. Now this was about 15 years ago but I still feel soured. Bought an 85, sent it back for light strikes...they fix and send back...not fixed. So we went through this 4 times over the course of 3 months and I finally told them to just keep the damn thing. They sent me out a new 85 and it developed problems too with the timing and excessive play in the cylinder. I sold it cheap to a smith who knew its history. I must say that they had very good CS, though it was time consuming. The product was obviously not up to snuff.
Innovation is great, but this one seems goofy to me...and that PC plate will probably get all scratched up and it may be vulnerable to cleaning solvents if not very careful. Just my .02.
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I've had a lot of excellent service from Taurus medium and small frame revolvers, own 7 of them, never a wink or a blink; but I don't think I could bring myself to purchase the "view". Reminds me too much of babwa Walters and hoopy goldberg; just the name, mind you!!!!!
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