TC Encore custom pistol grips

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Tony made up a custom 13" forearm for my .204 full bull barrel. Took a little waiting but it came out excellent. I'd certainly buy again.


Down the road I ended up switching that barrel to a rifle setup and bought and stain-matched a boyds buttstock. They do not list pistol items tho...

i-Fj2PLwV-XL.jpg may have some pistol grips... cant remember if they get into custom stuff tho. Their site is hosed at the moment... id check back with them later in the week I suppose? I bought my frame from them with their trigger job...completely satisfied and would do repeat business with them too.

You can also check out bullberry, but I have no experience with them.

or you can roll with the Pachmayr grip, buy a $20 TC walnut fore, swirl/flame on a paint job in the garage for 10 bucks worth of materials, and bolt it to your 500 :p (pics @ post 11)
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