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We don't need no stinking popups.

Sorry I couldn't resist.

Actually I get no popups when I am on the site. Probably because I run the google toolbar which has a pretty effective popup blocker in it.

I have used it for a couple of years and it hasn't caused me any problems although ymmv. You can get it at;

I hope this helps.

I've definitely noticed the slowness. Sometimes it takes 20sec or so for the main forum page to load.
Slowness has never really been a problem for me. They said this about another site I'm on... and I never noticed it.

I also have the google tool bar for pop up blocks. So I didn't even know there were popups on this site. :)

Its a pretty good rating though! AR15 is at like 27k or something like that.
we have the same problem on, there shouldn't be any popups, but other people put um on. I think the admin has to find them and stop that addy from popping up.
If you're getting them you probably have some spy-ware or ad-ware on your machine.
Yeah, and running a spyware scanner will remove Alexa. *Think* on that one for a minute...
We are investigating the possibility of moving to a commercial-grade server for higher speed and better reliability.

No pop-ups on THR at all.
Alexa is an evil piece of (usually) clandestine spyware that tracks your web usage to generate the very statistics you see on that stats page.
This site may not be the fastest, but the content and community are second to none....
Alexa is also notoriously bad for estimating traffic.

I'm not aware of a site or service that accurately estimates traffic.
This site may not be the fastest, but the content and community are second to none....

landon74 got it there, though I have to admit that if I had to deal with pop-ups it might sour things a bit. No problems with that so far (MURPHY go AWAY!!! :cuss: :banghead: )
Um...This is a FREE site run by people who probably rarely get thanks for it. I for one have never gotten a pop up here besides PMs. In short, don't complain about something that someone gives you for free and maybe try a thank you to those who make this site possible.

*rant mode off*
I've never thought this site was slow. You wanna see slow go to

That site is running on a Timex-Sinclair ZX-80, made in a time when the few remaining real electronic craftsman took the time to examine, test and polish every specimen of computer leaving their factory. The later model ZX-81, added additional "features" like more speed and extra ram, but the addition of injection molded plastic parts instead of the previous hand mixed polymers, as well as an obvious inattention to detail have led many purist webmasters to eschew the 81 in favor of the 80. So that site is not slow, it is merely taking the time to insure that *every* byte sent to your monitor has the careful, time honored quality that a true connoisseur of information prefers.
Just looking for trouble...

...and I'm running Explorer

Do you go hang out in the bad part of town, too? :)

Have you seen those AOL commercials where people are saying things like: "I really want to have my computer slow way, WAY down" or "I want to lose ALL of the pictures I have stored on my hard drive"? _I_ always hear those people say "...and I'm running Internet Explorer" (I hear it in my head, anyway). ;)
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