The TSC Winchester 26 Gun Safe

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Jul 27, 2020
New York
I've read everything about sub $1000 safes and I know what I'm getting into. After all that I have to spend what I have to spend, and I am down to this Winchester and the Liberty Revere 30 gun that TSC sells.

I can get the Winchester delivered to my curb for the selling price of the Liberty, which makes the Liberty about $150 more shipped. I understand both of these safes won't deter a real thief. I live in a fairly quiet rural town and my main concern is casual deterrence, a good spot to organize what I have, and a way to keep my 15 year old from ever getting any ideas. Currently I keep all my long guns in range cases and bags, and it's not an optimal way to have all my guns stored.

1. USA vs China
I know that Liberty is USA made. Lifelong union member, grew up in a union house, and I know my fellow countrymen like to eat just as much as I do, so USA made always matters to me, but doesn't exclude imports just gives me a preference for USA made. There is some question about whether this Winchester is import or USA made, and from reading all the material and watching their Youtube videos it appears to me that this particular Winchester safe is made in Texas and not China. But I'm not 100% certain on that.

2. Key lock backup
The farm and home store down the street has a huge dresser sized Cannon super cheap that I passed on because initial Google searches indicated that someday it would require an expensive visit from the locksmith to drill open. This Winchester has a coke machine key lock under the electronic lock. That is a super feature to me, because not if but when the cheap Chinese electronic lock fails I have a way to get in the safe so I can install a replacement electronic lock myself. Liberty doesn't have this.

So after everything I've read I would be buying a Liberty, but because of the key backup the Winchester is swaying me that way. I sure would love to hear some feedback from you guys because even though I am looking at a super entry level quality of gun safe, it's still something I am spending my money on and filling with stuff that is near and dear to my heart. Appreciate it, thank you.
I know that Liberty is USA made.
Leaving aside the union blather, Made in the USA is definitive for me, to the point I'd rather do business with Liberty because they don't make anything in Communist China.

Key lock backup: The farm and home store down the street has a huge dresser sized Cannon super cheap that I passed on because. . .
Pity that, as you can buy an excellent S&G or Kaba mechanical lock for <$100, and sell the electronic lock for half that. Installation is slightly more complicated than a doorknob.

I ended up buying the Liberty 30 gun safe
In the end, good choice. Have a GoldenRod soon, to keep the relative humidity low.

There will potentially be a time where the lock fails. It happened to me and I was without my guns for 2 months while waiting to A. Find a locksmith to drill it and B. Let the locksmith chase prints looking for drilling locations. My safe is a Cannon and I like it well enough, but the story I got from the locksmith I was going to use was that Cannon would not supply the prints or opening instructions for my safe until they could match serial number with registration to verify that I was the owner that wanted my own stuff rather than a thief that slid the safe into his pickup truck to open at his leisure back at home. In the end, Cannon sent me the parts free of charge but never did supply the locksmith with instructions. A friend of mine got the safe open one day while waiting for me to get home, and the lock was replaced before the door was shut again.

I need to look into a mechanical lock as mentioned above. I still don’t trust mine, but after the last experience I know where to make a plunge go it with an abrasive wheel and have my safe open in minutes rather than mess around with a locksmith again.
I have almost the exact same Winchester safe. Haven't had any problems or complaints about it. Besides running out of room and have to reorganize.
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