They Know Me Better Than I Know Me.

What a great find. I used to own the 617 model with a ten shot cylinder. I got tired of cleaning all those holes. I have developed an affinity for revolvers with 6 holes instead. The model 17 fits the bill perfectly. Take her to the range and give her some love!
Of all those times I've done the same, and ended up buying something I didn't know I needed. My guy greets me and says "Hey, got some new 1911s in, and a some old Smith revolvers we just put on the shelf..."

Funny, my shop had one of the same Smiths not long ago, and I passed because I didn't "need" another 6-inch. As is my custom, I slept on it, and when I came back the next day, it'd been sold. I should know better by now.

Nice find!
That's why I'm quick to take advantage of my shops "three day hold" offer. They'll take something off the shelf and "hold" it for three days while I research or just plain think about something. Then I can either cancel it and have them put the item back on the shelf, buy it outright, or put it on layaway for up to 90 days. No harm done.
I have a number of nice revolvers, and owned a M-34 Kit Gun long ago, but I do not own a nice S&W .22 LR, downright shameful. I lusted over them as a teenager, no way could I swing the $300 plus price tag back then. :)
Between that and a Phoenix hp22 you were going to end up with a decent shooter either way. I’m a big fan of the hp22 and have quite literally worn 2 of them out to a point which they aren’t safe to shoot. They are still super accurate but the slides are worn out. You will never have that issue with the wheelgun. 600 buck, well bought!
I lived in a small southern Calif desert town growing up. In about 1965, I bought a K22 ($87 IIRC – summer job money) in a town 20 mi from ours. Still living at home but never told my parents. Yrs later Dad told me the chief of police had notified him of my purchase- he told the Chief “no problem, he’s a gun nut”. Dad was a local teacher (since the early 30s) and active member of the community so he was aware of most stuff that happened in our little town. Taught my then girl fried how to shoot with the K22 using longs due to lower noise. Left the gun with my brother when I went in the Army where it was stolen in a home burglary. Currently have two 6”, a 4”, and a 4” 617. Can’t imagine being without one.