This will break your heart

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Right thing

You did the right thing. I also think it's great that he refused to sell the gun on principle.

As my dad always said, "What goes around, comes around."

Great Story. Thank You
Heartbreaking NO!! A good friend is worth far more than money! To put a nice firearm in the safe to sit there is sad, it is a tool and only appreciated when it is shot.
Break my heart? Heck no, makes my heart sing to know that fine gun is in the hands of someone who loves it for what it is, not what it's pricetag is. I reckon that's why he gets the deal and others don't.

Very well said. When you start buying them for the money value, it's time to sell them all.
The question is, who's a better friend to have? The one who lets you shoot his Python like crazy, or the one who resists the temptation to make $2,000 at your unknowing expense? I guess some people are lucky enough to get both.
So he would just keep it and shoot it.
Thank GOD.

Too damn many Pythons sitting in safes not getting the love they deserve. One of the most wonderful shooting wheelguns ever made, it would be a shame for it to sit in a box like that.
60 years gun trading w/o a similar story? Just get out there and do it more and the very occasional deal like this will fall in to your lap. I am in my early 30's, and have similar stories here and there:)

And honesty and honor are rare these days, nice story. I don't want to do this tomorrow, but my favorite gun dealer just mailed me a check in error for $600 more than he owes me.

I could use the cash,very broke right now, and I don't want to drive there tomorrow but I will be doing so to return it asap.

Least I could do for such wonderful people and I know they have had recent problems with employee theft so I hope they can see there is still honest people out there.
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... reminds me of an old man, who over a beer pulled out his father´s Luger with matching # and original holster and two original ammo boxes.

i kept it highroad. But it was tempting not to.

Great story!
I have never shot a Python and wish I could. I have a fair number of guns but I can tell you this, I shoot every one of them at one time or another during the year. I hope I never get to the point I can put a gun away and not shoot it. IMO there's no reason to own a gun you aren't going to shoot unless you are saving it for a grandchild or something like that. But even then it will be shot eventually by the child.

Very good story and all three of you are honest and have integrity.
If it's not out of the question, next time you see your buddy give him a hug for me. Folks like him are what keep this world a liveable place.
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