three screw blackhawk price check

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Feb 17, 2007
Southern Idaho
Saw a 3 screw blackhawk in .357 6 1/2"

Had a look on gunbroker but did not see many with bids or close to end of auction...

Some marks on the ejector rod shroud, trigger guard and bottom of grip frame. (as if it was knocked on something or dropped at some point in its approx 40 yrs)

Bluing has some holster wear but did not see any pitting.

I really only had a quick look at it, its not had the transfer bar fix and the trigger is very smooth.

Asking price is $450 but I could get some off of that Im sure.

I wasnt sure I wanted a single action for a woods gun (hiking/backpacking, bow hunting back up etc).

If its a great deal Ill consider it, but am really wanting .44 or .45 LC.
I think .45LC would be cool in a old SA how hot of loads (.45LC) can these old model blackhawks shoot? That is if I pass up this .357 and wait for a .45LC?

Thanks Highroaders!
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I recently bought a gun that fits your description. 6.5" 3 screw 357, shows wear but no pits etc. for $300 from a local dealer in SC.
Maybe $450 for one without the dings you cite - otherwise, $300-$350 is all I would go, and then I really wouldn't be happy with one with dings...
You mean a .45 LC Blackhawk like GB 166978367 which is at $399

I would think the Blackhawk should be able to stand up under the .45 LC loaded to +P better than most , if not all the cowboy (Colt Style) 6 shooters.
I would also say around $325 to $375 for the condition you describe. If they won't come down, keep looking for one in .45LC.
paid 330 out the door for mine. if you find one that wasn't sent back to ruger for the transfer bar it might be worth 400 to you. the triggers on the un-altered 3 screw models are excellent. super light and crisp. i have a 64 and a 75 the triggers are night and day. the 75 took some work to get it nice and its still not as sweet as the old 64.
Sounds like your average shooter grade Old Model, I would go no higher than $350. Unfortunately some ignorant dealers are depending on ignorant shooters to buy boxless, well-used Old Models at minty, NIB collector prices.

Blackhawks in .45Colt of any vintage are safe for "Ruger only" loads up to 32,000CUP. However, they made far fewer Old Model .45's (only two years) than even .44 flat-tops (made for six years) so expect to pay at least $500 - $600 for a shooter-grade example. Much more if it's in collectible condition.

You mean a .45 LC Blackhawk like GB 166978367 which is at $399
That's a well-used New Model that's been in constant production since 1973. It's also about $100 overpriced. Best I can do locally is $480 out the door on a brand spanking new one including 9.5% sales tax.
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I looked at three used OM 357 Blackhawks in a shop in Tucson a couple weeks ago. All three showed some degree of wear/use and all three were priced at $400 and they weren't dickering any. Sure wish I knew where you folks find OM Blackhawks for $300-$350.

Paid $250 and $300 for the two I have. Like I said before, lots of ignorant dealers out there think that just any Old Model is a collectible and quite a few mislabel them as flat-tops when they clearly are not.
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