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Nope CZ,

Yeah, I'm picky. Too picky, I know. I'm getting a bit more realistic on my accuracy requirements.

I didn't forget the .22lr. If you'll check above you'll find I mention purchasing .22 kits for the 1911 pistols. I currently own a kimber. It's okay for what it is, but I'll actually be upgrading to Marvel kits from now on. Not as cheap, but better accuracy (way better accuracy) and more reliable. Additional to this all 1911's will be threaded for both .45acp and .22lr suppressors.

As for the SOCOM's, I like them less and less the more I see them. I'll let the other guys play with them.

Some good news is the AR is back on my short list. I shot a couple hundred rounds through my main one yesterday. No hiccups. The difference was I degreased the entire weapon and stopped using CLP. I lightly greased key spots with Mobil1. 200 rounds, so far, so good. My intention is to keep shooting it without any cleaning, other than the bore. I fully expect it to go pass 1000 rounds now. I think my recent AR problems had been me. I found some other stuff at the auto shop yesterday, Marvel Mystery Oil. I mixed it with the Mobil1 and tried it on another AR that was "clean". Well, it wasn't.

I do believe my main rifle will still be the standard M1A, but likely will be supplemented by the AR on the short range side. One item of note is that my main AR is 7.7lb, the one M1A I have is standard, fiberglass. It weighs in at 9.3lb. So it's not like it's a FAL or G3. The M1A is more of a balance of firepower, weight, accuracy, etc. Not great at anything, good for everything.
Model: Mossberg 835
I agree with this choice. I went with this decision for years, with a 590 and 500. Once my wife got her 1100, though, I started looking hard at that or a 1014, and have decided on an 1100. That is just a want, though, because the 500/590 did everything I need in my limited shotgunning.

Handgun, slide-action:
Barrel Length: Undecided
Overall Length:
Caliber: .45ACP
Approx Weight:
Round Capacity: 7+
Min. Accuracy: 4” @ 25 yards, entire magazine
I like the looks of the new Taurus. The paras are also cool. I like me Double Eagle MkII Officers (3.5 bbl, 9 rounds), but I know I am the lone ranger in that.

Handgun, revolver:
Barrel Length: 1.75-3”
Overall Length:
Caliber: .38/.357 Magnum
Approx Weight:
Round Capacity: 5-6
Min. Accuracy: 2” @ 25 yards, entire cylinder
I have a .38 taurus pocket that is great. If you are looking at something larger, my wife's six shot ladysmith .357 3" barrel is a very nice shooting gun with a great trigger.

Rifle, short-medium range:
Action: Semi, Lever...undecided
Barrel Length: 16”
Overall Length: less than 32”
Caliber: Undecided
Approx Weight: 8lb or less
Round Capacity: 20-30 ideal.
Min. Accuracy: 2” @ 100 yards, 8” @ 350 yards,
AR platform

Rifle, short-long range:
Action: Likely bolt
Barrel Length: Caliber dependent
Overall Length: Undecided
Caliber: Undecided
Approx Weight: 12lb or less
Round Capacity: 5-10 ideal, likely box fed, ability to use less (for hunting)
Min. Accuracy: 1” @ 200 yards, 2.5” @ 400 yards, 12” @ 1200 yards,
Sounds like you want to spend a lot of money for a lot of long range heavy rifle. I am no help to you here.
If your undecided about action don't rule out The Handi rifle from H&R 1871. I bought the 30-06 and sent the frame in for a 20 gauge ultra slug hunter and a 12 gauge vent rib barrel. Usually 60-100 for each additional barrel. You gotta get the Rifle frame though to put on the biggest variety of barrels. Heck the guns themselves aren't that expensive.
I'm kinda sold on the Ruger GP 100 for a .357
And for a slider .45 a Sig 220 is hard to beat. Which I enjoy shooting. Very accurate.

I am consolidating down myself and getting a ruger .357--That leaves my Sig on the new home list.
Okay, I think I have decided on an AR lower; I'm thinking the POF lowers, and likely RRA triggers.

Anybody here have POF lowers? And do they fit most uppers? I sort of assume they do. When I used to buy HK stuff from them their fit and finish was pretty good.

Also any ideas where to purchase. Obviously I need to ship through and FFL, but I have that covered, I have several in my locality.
My categories

Shotgun : Ithaca model 37. I know an Rem 870 or Mossberg 500 would be better with regard to spare parts etc. but I've owned this from way back.

Longish range, largish game rifle : Winchester Model 70 in 30-06 (3-9x scope)

Mediumish range rifle : Marlin 336 in 30-30 (Lyman receiver sight)

Big home defense revolver : S&W 686 in .357 magnum (6" barrel - would go 4" if I had to do it again)

Medium sized autoloader : Sig P228 in 9mm

Small CCW : S&W 642

Home defense carbine : Marlin 1894 in .357 magnum (Lyman receiver sight)

Plinkers/small game - Remington 552 and Buckmark Camper (.22 cal)

In these choices, I tried to get quality firearms using ammo that would be available in quantity almost anywhere. Once those areas of need were covered, I could begin buying guns I just wanted ... like the Garand (still 30-06 though), the M1 carbine, the K31, the Swedish mauser, the 98K, the Enfield.
So many guns, so little time.
If you narrow calibers you'll naturally know what you want. Shotgun is easy 12 ga. Rifles: .308 and .223. Throw in a .22. Handguns, 9mm and .45. Throw in a Ruger MkII SS for good measure. A good .357 or .44 wheelgun would be nice, but adds another caliber. Not that I follow this advice, but it is simple. Joe
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