Trade in Value for G19

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Jan 5, 2011
I really like my G19 but after 20 months of EDC, I think I want something smaller and thinner. I already have a S&W 642 which I love as a EDC or BUG.

I was thinking of something like a Kahr CM9.

So here are my two questions:

What is a rough estimate of a trade in value on a Gen 3 Glock 19 (scale of 1-10, 10 being new I would give it a 8.5)?

Would trading a Glock for a Kahr be a bad idea?
I wouldn't do that trade, but I'm not you.

Your G19 would be worth $400-425 in a private resale in my area. A gunshop trade offer will be less, maybe in the $300 range - just guessing. Sell privately if you can legally do so, much better return of your money.
Trade in value? No expert but probably $250. Sell it here or put it on consignment if you have a local shop that does that. You are just not going to get much on a trade in. It is what it is.
I'm thinking something in the under $300 range too. That is the only reason I don't sell a G22 that I never shoot, they just don't have a very good resale value
Sell Sell Sell, never trade, you will always get a lowball offer when you trade for new!

As far as glocks having poor resale value.......Say Whhhaat:what:! Glocks hold their resale value pretty darn high! At least here in Florida they do. Most go for $450-$475 FTF if not higher, especially the G19. Sometimes if your really lucky, you can find one for under $450, but it takes a LOT of looking!
I wouldn't do that trade, but I'm not you.
Agreed. Although I like both Glocks and Kahrs, I look at the little Kahr as a supplement, not a replacement. In fact, I did that for several years with a PM9.

Your G19 would be worth $400-425 in a private resale in my area. A gunshop trade offer will be less, maybe in the $300 <if that - LH> range - just guessing. Sell privately if you can legally do so, much better return of your money.
If you took it into a gun show in my area with a sign advertising it for that, it would sell in 15 minutes.
If at all possible, don't part with your G19. There is still a very good role for that pistol when weather is cooler. A Kahr CM9 would be less expensive than a PM9, but would get you basically the same gun.

If you have to, then direct private sale is best, followed by gun store consignment, and the worst is trade-in.
I wouldn't trade a G19 for a Kahr. I'll take capacity and control over comfort any day. The G19 will give you that, in spades.

Instead, I'd figure out a way to make CCW'ing a G19 work.
Since alot of people are buying new Glocks at the leo, military discount of $398 or less, getting $350-$400 used is not unreasonable. Most used Glocks sell privately for $400 around here, about the same as the CW line of Kahrs. Love my CW9, but I too would keep the Glock;)
put your glock 19 up for trade on this site you can probably get a pm9 for it but would i trade a g19 for a pm9? no
As already said, alot of it depends on your local market. I just sold my used Gen 4 G17 for $500 a couple of weeks ago.

Here in San Antonio, if you're patient you can probably get $450 for a Gen 3 G19. Trade in value at my local shop would most likely be around $350.

Also, Never ever ever trade in. You WILL get screwed compared to what you could sell it for. Be a little patient and post it in the classifieds of THR or Glocktalk. You can also post on the online classified sites like YOu most likely have a site like TGT in your local area, you just have to look.
Bearing in mind that I am in CA, where handguns usually bring a premium...most folks who want a Glock will join the GSSF and get the Military/LE discount. So we're talking about a new G19 for <$400

I guess if you don't like joining clubs or you don't want to shoot against other Glock owners, you wouldn't go this route. But this does tend to keep the price of used Glocks depressed. $350 would be a good local price, I paid $299 from a brick and mortar shop for my LE trade-in G19...but it was a while ago

If I lived in FL, I'd give Steve (SCP Firearms) a call, he's have a big Glock sale...must be good if you have to call or e-mail for his prices
It's hard to believe but some people actually collect Glocks.
I used to think that too, until I found out how many Glocks have departmental or military unit markings on them...I think the blockiness of the slide just invites badging

I was even more surprised to find that folks collect the different generations of Glock magazines...I didn't even know there were seven (7) generations of them
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