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Sep 6, 2011
My wife has expressed interest in going through a pistol training course. She has been through a CCW course. I would like to find a more in depth beginners course in Ohio, preferrably one with a round count no higher than 500. So, if you know of or have gone through a course like this I would really appreciate hearing about your experience. Thanks, in advance.
Ken Hackathorn has been the best for 30 years

and he's in Marietta, OH. He was doing a lot of teaching over in the sandbox, tho, so dunno if he's available.
There's the Small Arms Firing Schools at Camp Perry. They provide the ammo for the class. They also provide a pistol which you are required to use. It's a 9mm. You can find out more about this at:

I only know what I've read about their classes but it seems like a good place to learn to me. I'm sure others are more familiar with the schools. I'm from the Cincinnati area personally and I haven't lived here that long. I lived in the SE Ohio area for the last 25 years so I know some places there too. It really would help to know what part of the state you're in or what part you are willing to consider. I know I would have a problem with taking a class in Cleveland for example. I've been there many times and the drive is just too long for me.
You might want to post a location or range (ie: within 50 miles of this town) to get a better answer. I have a friend who does training in N Ky that I will take once my divorce is final.

Since I had a bad experience with Target World, I would not go there other than to use their range. There is a new range in Blue Ash, but I have heard mixed reviews of them as well.
What is the emphasis of the training at TDI? I don't live far from that area and I might consider taking a class myself but I don't want to learn the parts of a cartridge.
TDI has a range of classes in terms of complexity. You'd want to call and talk to them to figure out where you fit in. I spend a lot of money on high-ish end training, and have similar concerns when I'm talking to a new school. Usually, all these guys know each other and have some understanding of the complexity of other instructors/schools curriculum.

They're about as interested in teaching an experienced student how a primer works as you are in re-learning it. If you don't enjoy the class, you won't be back, and these schools like keeping you on the edge of your personal envelope. That brings you back. All of them are interested in repeat business, and the good schools do a LOT of repeat business. (TDI is one of them)
TDI. Classroom first part of day 1, range rest of the time.

They expect you to show up with basic knowledge. Their emphasis is learning to run your gun, not learning the parts of a cartridge.
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I didn't really think they would be as basic as learning cartridge parts. That was a bit of hyperbole. I just didn't want to learn things most of us would find simple like grip styles, stances and trigger pull. Not that I think we couldn't all use some help in those areas but I wouldn't want to pay for a class that didn't get beyond that point.
Handgun goes up to level 6. 1-3 are single day classes, 4-6 are two days each. If you can demonstrate or have some proof of proficiency, they'll give you a pass on the first 1 or 2 classes.


For the relatively little money (in the grand scheme) it costs, pony up and make a weekend out of 1-3. You'll start in a classroom (1/2 of day 1), go to a square range ((1/2 of day 1, all day 2 and 1/2 day 3) and wind up in a shoot house (1/2 day 3).

Yes, they start basic. But they're efficient at what they teach and have the class progressing quickly from "hold it like this" to shooting, reloading and communicating all on the move.

Honestly, I see taking a handgun class, even a basic one, as a good intro to the school itself and a test of whether I want to take more classes from them. TDI has gotten my nod several times when others haven't.

Word has gotten out. They used to be the best kept secret in Ohio. Now they're booked by the end of February. For everything, not just handgun.
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