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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by osprey176, Nov 11, 2010.

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  1. osprey176

    osprey176 Member

    Feb 2, 2010
    anybody ever do a trigger job on a howa,weatherby vanguard,ect? i would rather not buy an aftermarket unit if i can do the work myself.i have played with the adjustment screws several times,but the trigger still stinks.any ideas?
  2. hoghunting

    hoghunting Member

    Feb 16, 2006
    This is an email I received from about the Vanguard trigger - it's the same trigger as the Howa:

    Hello to all our valued customers,
    We finally have 2 light trigger springs available for the Weatherby
    Vanguard, a “Varmint” weight spring and a “Target” weight spring. By
    going to the “Gunsmithing Odds and Ends” section of our website you will find a 13 photo description of how to
    install one of these springs in a Vanguard trigger.
    For way to long, my opinion of these triggers has been based entirely
    on their “scratchy” feel. So much so in fact, that I had never even
    bothered to take one apart. When I finally decided to do so, I expected
    the worst. What I found however, was a simple but well-made trigger
    assembly with a surprisingly high degree of finish on the sear and
    trigger surfaces where they contact each other. After seeing those
    smooth surfaces, I had no explanation as to why Vanguard trigger pulls
    feel as bad as they do.
    For years, I have been using molybdenum disulfide, in one form or
    another, for difficult lubrication problems.
    Wondering if Moly might come to the rescue again, I decided to look
    specifically for the lubricant containing the highest percentage of Moly
    that I could find. This turned out to be Loctite Moly Paste #51048.
    This stuff is 65% Moly and works like magic on a Vanguard trigger
    These springs will make your Vanguard trigger light, and this Moly
    Paste will make your Vanguard trigger smooth!
    Check out the pictures, and the rest of the story, on our website.
    For those of you who have not already seen them, we have added our
    trigger spring installation descriptions for the New Winchester M-70
    M.O.A. trigger, and Remington M-700 X-Mark Pro Adjustable trigger to
    the Gunsmithing Odds and Ends section, they are #8 and #9. The Vanguard
    instructions are #10.
    Thanks for having a look, Ernie
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