UN coughs up 69,000 dollars for guns

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I want to know what these are for:

Money Counting Machines 10 $46,000

They are for counting bribe money, this is the UN we are talking about.

/Wish I was joking. :(
What does the UN need money counting machines for?????
Are they printing their own cash??
Almost $300k for ID card system supplies? (cards, holograms, inks, lanyards, etc)

Meanwhile, it looks like they're only kitting out and arming max 80 guys (by counting guns: 20 mp5, 60 glocks) , but they order 400 some odd suits of armor of various levels, (mostly heavy) and 1400 helmets? 1300 vehicle first aid kits?

Meanwhile, it looks like they're getting about 800 desks, to go with 1700 "basic office furniture sets" (whatever that might be)

Does any of this make any sense?
It makes some sense to me, at least logistically.


Looks like they are setting up some kind of office that will also house a number of unarmed "civilian" workers who will also be issued body armor. Kinda like contractors in Iraq where it seems everyone has body armor but only the security detail is actually armed.

Money counting machines because there are basically no functioning banks in Liberia so it is a cash economy.

Vehicle first aids kits because they will be travelling round.

Specialized security equipment is probably comms gear and sat phones for the armed units etc.


On the other hand if you want to ask me what I think of the UN or if this mission is a good idea ...... :barf:
They are paying $650 a piece for G19's. Someone is screwing them big time. They shouldn't be paying more then $475 each for them

BTW: $1500 for an MP-5 is a bit stiff as well. That gun is about $1200 NIB to LEO/Military
If you were a firearm manufacturer, would you charge normal prices to the UN for your product? :scrutiny:

Me neither.
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