USA Made Schrade Old Timer 141

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Dec 18, 2007
Last week while deer hunting I helped one of our guests with the skinning of his deer and asked him exactly what kind of knife he was using as it had a green rubberized handle which was very grippy to the hand as it was raining while we were working on this deer.
He showed me the knife and it was an American made Shrade Old Timer model 141 which he said was no longer an American made knife.
So looking around this past Saturday I found several for under twenty dollars but were made in China.
So yesterday I got online and found out that Schrade has been defunct since 2004.
While googling I found a guy that had two of the older American made knives of this model that were brand new and never used.
I bought one right away for $32.00.
I was very impressed with the balance,weight,and more so, grip of this fixed blade knife.
Can anyone tell me what kind of steel the blade of this knife is made from as I cant seem to find this information anywhere.
Anxiously awaiting it's arrival via USPS.
These unused and not yet collectible knives are some of the very best deals out there. Many of them are the result of old technologies and levels of quality which in fact drove some of these companies out of business.

I'm continually amazed at what friends will spend on a modern knife of good quality while knowing what they can buy in a non collectible classic of outstanding quality.
My info tells me that the Schrade Model 141 blade is manufactured from
440C Stainless.
Schrade has used several different alloys over the years ranging from a common 1095 Carbon alloy to the highly acclaimed 154CM in their Schrade/Loveless offering, an alloy in fact brought into the knife making community by Bob Loveless himself.
I also bought several Schrade/Old Timers when the factory closed it's doors.
When I retired, one of my gifts was in fact an Old Timer 147 OT filet knife.
I GENTLY touched up the edge with my Sharpmaker.
However, when I heard that Schrade closed its doors, the "almost pure" knife went from tackle box to my "collection".
My Old Timer came in the mail yesterday.
It was pretty sharp right out of the box but I ran it over the ceramic stone a few times and improved on the edge.
I am not sure why I never paid any attention to these knives in the past but I have a good one now and I intend on keeping it.
A lady at work gave me two presentation Schrade Srimshaws several years ago as the Oil company she was working for in the early 90's gave them away for a safe driving award.
One was a nice Sharpfinger and the scene was a young hunter and his dog treeing a Raccoon and the other is a Buck 110 knock off with two Black Bears on it.
One of the Bears is a cub up on a log.
On the blade of the knives is the year the knife was given as a presentation gift and the Sharpfinger says 1993 and the other 1991.
So I have to assume the Scrimshaws could be ordered from Schrade like that.
I was also given a very nice Schrade Uncle Henry filet knife around 1990 and use it every year cutting up venison.
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