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Nov 14, 2007
Saw some nice looking fixed blade Shrades today at gun show - some were Old Timers and some Uncle Henrys. I have a soft spot for Old Timers, what with it being the first/only type knife my dad ever gave me. But these were new manuf., and marked "China". She assured me they use "Japanese steel", but I'm not convinced. May go back tomorrow. There was no box. I'm trying to figure out what type of blade steel & heat treatment quality is used. Could have sworn Imperial Schrade was completely kaput since 2001.... Any info? Is the handle material of the new Old Timers the same as the old Old Timers? Is it just a plastic of some type?
Good luck discovering what type of steel it is. Schrade (which was revived about a year or two back with all Chinese production) doesn't even see fit to disclose the steel type on their own website.

E-mails to them on the subject went unanswered in my case.
She assured me they use "Japanese steel", but I'm not convinced.

You shouldn't be. If they used AUS 6 or 8 it would say. I do think that they're using Chinese steel. That's fine as long as the heat treat is good, but that's a big IF.
Schrade is long gone since 2004. These knives are imported by Taylor Brands who bought the name ,not the company.

No one knows what the steel is.The handle of a USA Old Timer is Delrin,I am not sure if the Taylor Brands knives use the same type of plastic.
You can find both of those patterns on ebay in the old 1095. Might be a little 'broken in' but these are working knives.

Also, you can find similar patterns made by Western, Kabar, Camillus, and others that are just as good, just a little used.

I've seen all of the above go for less than $30 over the last several days.

Just a suggestion... original USA made Golden Spike with box sells for over $100 typically. Just shows you how popular the old stuff is.

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... and what is "japanese steel?"

Japanese steel isn't that impressive. The ore used is quite crumby and the quality of steel is made just as cheap as the Chinese steel. The stuff has been flooding the US market and thats why the Government increased the tariff on the stuff several years back and caused a massive trading war of retribution. You have to be careful to see if you ended up with el cheapo steel or better produced stuff, much like anywhere else.

Now if it was old school japanese optics and so on, they would be worth it.
Old Timer and Uncle Henry Schrade knives are now being made in China. As for the steel, probably made in China.

I purchased a couple of the Chinese Schrade knives. As far as fit and finish, they are equal to the late American Schrade knives. The workmanship is in fact very good, no gaps, handles fit well.

The Schrade knives were inexpensive knives even when they were American made. The stainless was likely 420. I have not found the Chinese steel to be better, or worse. The blade steels just are not that hard.

I have a Chinese made "Stanley" stockman. Outside of the black handles and name plaque, can't tell any significant difference between it and the chinese schrade knives. Since the Stanley was about 1/3 less at Smokey mountain knife works, I would recommend buying by price, instead of by brand. I think they are all made at the same Chinese factories.
There are still some U.S.A. Schrades and Old Timers to be found at out of the way stores throughout the country.
I've hit all the local stores as soon as Schrade closed the Ellenville, N.Y. plant.
My best score was eleven various knives from a small Mom & Pop hardware store.
I did in fact one day bring home a Chinese Old Timer by mistake.
It's not really a BAD knife and it holds an edge well.
I also found one day, two Schrade 158OT Gut Hook Skinners in a batch of CaseXX closeout stuff.
Japanese steel??
Sounds like a sales gimmic to me.
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