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VA/ID Reciprocity . . Illinois . . . Arkansas . . . . CCRKBA . . . .NRA/ILA

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Gary Slider, Oct 23, 2013.

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  1. Gary Slider

    Gary Slider Member

    Apr 6, 2006
    West Virginia
    Virginia will now honor the Idaho Enhanced Permit. Idaho issues two types of permits. Regular and Enhanced. The Enhanced takes additional training. Idaho did this so they could get more Reciprocity. NV, SC, NM and now VA honor only the Idaho Enhanced. Idaho honors all other states permit/licenses.

    Illinois – The Illinois State Police have published a listing of acceptable previous training they will accept towards the required 16 hours of training needed to get a carry permit. You can see that listing here: http://www.isp.state.il.us/firearms/ccw/CCWPriorTrainingCredit.pdf
    To keep up with information about IL and carry info issued by the IL State Police this is the site to keep your eye on. http://www.isp.state.il.us/firearms/ccw/ccw-index.cfm

    I also received an email from a gentleman who sent me the reply from the Illinois State Police. He didn’t want me to use any info that could identify him because of his position. He ask if Illinois Honored any other states permit/licenses. Here is the response concerning non residents traveling through Illinois:

    “Out of state residents (who do not have a concealed carry license in their
    state) traveling through Illinois with a firearm must transport it unloaded,
    enclosed in a case, and not easily accessible to them in the vehicle. If
    the individual has a concealed carry license in their state of residence,
    they can transport the firearm loaded and anywhere in the vehicle. It must
    remain in the vehicle and must be locked away if they exit the vehicle.”

    This is not the last word on how they will interrupt their law but it looks like it is turning out just as I feared. Illinois would require a permit/license from your home state before they would honor it while traveling through Illinois.

    Arkansas – Things are still in flux in Arkansas on Open Carry being legal and state RKBA’s Organizations are still saying that Arkansas is now a permitless carry state. There have been open carry marches with no arrests that I am aware of. Handgunlaw.us is still recommending you not open carry or carry without a valid permit/license until this is settled in the courts which I believe is what it will take.

    CCRKBA – This National Group uses the chart from www.handgunlaw.us to show what states honor other states. http://www.ccrkba.org/?page_id=1217 They copy it and put it on their site. I have contacted them via their online contact form, more than once, informing them that the chart they are using is an outdated copy (12/12/12) and that they need to update it. I have never received a reply from them. It not only has incorrect info that could get someone arrested but also makes it look like Handgunlaw.us is not up to date. Again I advise people to verify info they read on the web. It is you that will pay the price for relying on information you believe is correct but is out of date.

    NRA/ILA – I have also contacted the NRA/ILA about the info they are putting out on who honors who on their State Laws Page. http://nraila.org/gun-laws.aspx You have to scroll down on the above linked page and click on “U.S. Concealed Carry Reciprocity Map.” There is no direct link to that information. They have missed adding at least 20 updates to who honors who in the last year. 5 of those updates are states that have dropped other states which they are still showing as honoring that state or the state doesn’t honor all of that states permit/licenses that state issues. I have contacted the NRA/ILA and even a Regional Director sending them a list of changes that they missed with links to confirm but have not heard anything back from them. Again Handgunlaw.us advises you to verify what you read on the internet.

    I don’t want to sound like I am bad mouthing these Organizations. I am upset that National RKBA’s Orgs are listing info that can get one of us Good Guy/Gals arrested and lose our right to carry. If you are going to supply info you should do everything you can to make sure it is as up to date as possible. Anyone can make an error but listing items and then forgetting about them for months and months is not an excuse. I do realize they have huge sites and it is difficult to keep it all updated but they owe it to their members to have the correct information. If I can find the information they should have no trouble finding it.

    www.handgunlaw.us will be updated late Thursday or early Friday to show the change in Virginia honoring Idaho along with other updates.
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