Very, very early Remington Nylon 66

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Jun 16, 2005
S.W. Ohio
Its nothing too special or rare. Hardly mint, she shows signs of use. Over one million of these delightful .22 rifles were made between 1959 and then end of production in the late 1980s. Mine is a bit interesting though. Made in March 1959 its one of the first one's made. There is no serial number but the AF date tells me it was made in March 1959, so it is celebrating 57 years of existence this month. The number 5 behind the AF tells me it went to a factory employee. Probably some high level person at Remington. Not terribly valuable I suppose but still gives me pride in owning it.

A neat little light weight rifle, accurate and dependable as can be, still giving great service after all these years.

I've shot a lot of coons with a nylon 66. Broke the charging handle one night and had to cock it with a 22 cartridge.
It`s the rifle given to me, when living in the US as a teen.

"Go to Wal-Mart und buy youself some ammo. And take this Nylon."

Loved it.
Had one

Had one and REALLY sorry that I got rid of it.

When I bought it,it was not useable as it was fired and not cleaned until the unburnt powder jammed the gun solid [ that was a LOT of .22's ].

I cleaned it and shot it for a few years and sold it :banghead:.

Correct = it is not a Ruger 10/22 and I will NOT sell off my 2.

Have seen a few '66's at gun shows and came close to buying one ,just know it would be a safe queen.
Early Remington Nylon 66

Nice looking gun. I have my Remington Model 241 Speedmaster that I bought in 1955. They were introduced in 1935 and discontinued in 1951. Total production was 107,345. Great gun and is accurate.


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Nice rifle, I always wanted one. I did pick up the Remington Mohawk 10C a couple years's the one that has 10 round magazines. I got a great price for it from a family member, and I know it was never used much.
Yes I vaguely recall something about that too, someone sticking one into a truck and firing wildly at the soldiers in it.
I have a 76 Mohawk brown lever gun. Quite accurate. The 66 is a knock off brizillon <sp>. It' ok I guess but not my favorite.
Actually the Brazilians made a copy of the 66. Called the CBC it came nearly 30 years after the Remington Nylon 66.

After Remington discontinued the Model 66, a Brazilian firm called C.B.C. bought the rights to the design and Remington’s production machinery and revived the Nylon 66 for almost six years. The Brazilian copy was first imported by Kassnar and called the Kassnar Nylon 66 from 1988 to 1990. Magtech then took over C.B.C.’s Nylon 66 clone importation from 1991 to 1994 as the MT-66. The gun is now out of production.
In the days before the 10/22 hit the market the Nylon 66 was THE gun that every 13 year old boy in America wanted.
I thought it was the Marlin 39 lever action. At least everyone I knew wanted one. I didn't get one. :(, I'm not over the trauma yet. :D
I bought one as a young teenager in about 1965. Left it at my dad's house when I moved away after college. Don't know what happened to it, but sure wish I still had it. It was as reliable as an anvil - just about the perfect plinker.

Mine was loaded through the buttstock. Is that how all of them are loaded?
There were variants GoPappy, the 66 fed through the butt but there was a magazine fed semi auto, lever gun and bolt action versions of the Nylon series.
nylon 66

I love mine and still shoot it.


I found that aluminum arrows make great speedloaders.

I can't believe that we "fielded" a scoped nylon in Viet Nam or any other place. Anyone who has put a scope on one knows that they are not scope friendly. The barrel is not affixed to the receiver and groups are pretty bad.
I had one when I was 12 years old or so. Wish I had never got rid of it. Can't count the number of busy tails, coons, even a deer or two with mine.
Can't imagine why the military had ammo problems. The standard white box Match Ammo that the US Army bought at the time was subsonic and cycled Nylon 66 rifles just fine in my direct personal experience.

While a scoped Nylon 66 is not as accurate as say a scoped 10/22 out of the box on average I can not say putting a scope on one is useless. The rear sight of the rifle is also on the removable receiver cover BTW. For plinking and close in little critters I rather liked the iron sights better than those on most .22s

As a kid I wanted one even after the 10/22 came out. My Dad had one and several friends did as well. I had to wait to leave home to buy my own.

My experience with the CBC guns has not ben stellar. Accuracy of a near new one was no where near an old ugly beater 66 I still have knocking about. Pretty gun marked as a GR8 though. GR8 name for a gun.

I would think that a suppressed 66 would not have a lot of receiver/action noise.

Hmmm perhaps I should forward those pictures to manufacturer buddy so he will have something to do on long Montana winter evenings next October.

The 66 was a pretty tough gun but it's not indestructible. I have one sitting in my safe with the stock broken in half across the grip area. Other than that it's in great shape mechanically and cosmetically. Just a light bump and it broke completely in half. Nice smooth break, no cracking away from the break at all. I blamed it on aging plastic. No replacement stocks are available that I have been able to find. I'm eventually going to find a way to repair it that looks good.

I also have a old 10/22 that the 66 would outshoot with any ammo.
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