Vihtavuori N320 for 124gr 9mm

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Dec 27, 2002
northern california
A couple of the hot local USPSA shooters are using N320 in their 9mm competition gun and recommended it to me as both soft shooting and accurate.

I thought I'd give it a try and have 4lbs en route

Looking on the Vihtavuori website in shows a range of loads from 3.9grs (.25g) to 4.3grs (.28g) to drive a 124gr (8g) Hornady FMJ/FN, loaded to 1.142" (29mm), out of a 4" barrel to 1017-1096fps. Interestingly they were loading RN and FN to the same OAL

Loading a 124gr cast bullet over 3.8grs gave them 1073fps; while 4.1gr gave them 1125fps

I'm loading the RMR plated 124gr FN for IDPA looking for about 1050fps...chrono'd out of a 5" barrel; so I thought I'd start at the cast load and see what the differences are.

Does anyone have experience with N320 that they'd like to share?
Any suggestions regarding charge weight or OAL?
My first 9mm loads were with VV N320. I used 4.1 gn under a 124gn FMJ RN with a OAL of 1.142. That was the most accurate load out of my Springfield sub-compact. The powder metered well in the Lee auto disk and burned clean. No complaints other than the higher price. I have since consolidated to HP-38 for most of my pistol loads. I don't have a chrono so I can't help you there. Good luck with it.
I use 3.9 with hitek 124's. no idea on velocity, but it's sweet out of both of my hipowers. just barely enough to cycle the slide.
3.9 Grs N320 with a WSP or Fed SP primer and an X-Treme 124 Gr HP loaded (Fairly short) to 1.060 OAL (I would think the FN would load to a similar OAL.) gives me between 1050 & 1070ish FPS from a 5" 1911 in temps over 70. If I have chronoed them in the cold I don't remember. it is a four star load in my Load Book. I don't remember giving anything a five yet.

Recoil is pretty nice, primers look great, and the brass is very clean. Even in my 9MM AR with the blow back action this load leaves the brass much cleaner than most. That tells me it is decent pressure and burns fast.

I would go up from there if needed in .1 gr increments.

WST gives very similar velocities at the same charge weight.

N310 might do it with less muzzle flip, but if you try it work it up very carefully. I worked up a couple of loads in .38 S&W with N310 and N320 and bulged some cases near the web with N310. Not badly, but bulged.
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I had good results with 3.8gr and 125 MBC lead cones.
It burns very clean.
I liked the powder but didn't think it is worth the premium over powders from other manufactures for my uses.
Would I buy it again if it was all I could get, you bet, and I would be happy with it.
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