Walther P22

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Coincidentally, I happened to pick up a P22 in a trade just the other night - 1,000 rounds of cheap reloaded 9mm from an estate sale for a near-new green P22. Price was right, as the ammo was just gathering dust in my ammo closet. I would never have paid cash for a P22, but I wasn't going to turn down that deal. It'll be nice to have something else in my safe for my students to shoot, maybe even as a demo of the gun they DON'T want to buy.

It definitely feels like a cheap toy - light, made of plastic and very gimmicky. Not very confidence inspiring, especially with a high velocity round like the Stinger coming out of it. The rear sight don't look solid at all. Maybe it's my imagination, but it looks crooked and I think I can wiggle it back and forth.

Regardless, I got it to the range last night, and it performed about as expected. I put 500 rounds down the tube, about a half dozen different types of ammo. It ran through the high velocity plated stuff (CCI Stingers, Fed Bulk Pack) without a problem, but got hung up on all the standard velocity lead ammo. With the CMP .22, every other round was a FTF, it failed to eject a few times, the slide didn't stay open on an empty mag a few times, etc…

I glanced at the P22 bible, and if I get around to it I'll see if I can run a few of the reliability mods - I've heard good things from people who've done this (the guys who claim to have x10k rounds through their P22s).

Accuracy was to be expected - consistent 3"-4" groups at 30 feet.

Upon disassembly and inspection, I could see some of the points along the slide where the metal was already chipped or worn. Not a good sign.

All in all, I would not recommend this gun to anyone. I have little faith in the workmanship. The reliability issues are going to be a headache for any new shooter (especially a younger, impatient shooter), and performance is not going to be up to par for a serious shooter. It looks cool and for someone with small hands, probably feels cool, but there's nothing cool about a gun that doesn't go bang.

I'll pull the P22 out from time to time, but my go-to .22 autoloader will remain my Ruger Mk II.
It stinks that the one 22 pistol that actually looks like a true semi-auto pistol and not just a grip with a barrel stuck on top is the one pistol that shoots crappy. comon engineers! you can do better than that! Now i know the sig mosquito is decent based off of the reviews and the CZ kadet .22 is good (because it's CZ. it has to be good!) but these are quite expensive for a plinkin .22.
I must have gotten the odd P22 because mine has not given me any troubles. I did do the suggested things in the P22 Bible before firing it. It has since run fine for me. It is one of my wifes favorite guns. More so with the suppressor on it.
I bought one for the wife a few years ago. It was the most unreliable piece of Jam-o-matic I ever owned. I had almost every problem I know of with it. I sold it for about a $150 loss and I feel bad for whoever bought it.

Obliviously, I would not recommend one, unless you want a neat/expensive paper weight.
I've owned one I bought new about a year ago...I guess I'm one of the fortunate ones...I have upwards of at least 2000 rounds thru it,and never as much as a hic-cup...I've run only CCI mini-mags and stingers thru it so far...
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