Have a P22, buckmark worth it?

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Aug 11, 2009
I have a P22 for the wife. She really enjoys it, that makes it worth it :) But I am curious. The P22 has been fantastic for us. Great accuracy. No failures.

I like the idea of a kinda target gun. I am curious if a reasonable difference will be found. By reasonable I mean if you had the P22 would you be head over heels impressed with the buckmark?

Without any optics the P22 has been great for the 25 yard line. Is a buckmark just going to be that much better?

I love the P.22, it is a great little gun and I love it. But the Buckmark is definitely that much better as a target pistol. Smoother, more accurate, and a great all around pistol.
Completely different class of pistol. The only thing they have in common is the ability to use the same ammunition.

I really like my P22. Fun to plink with and extra fun with a suppressor. But, for "serious" target work, a quality target pistol is in a different class.
I have both in my stable. While the P 22 has a ... "reputation" mine has worked fine. The Buck Mark, OTOH is just a much better, larger, superior firearm. No pot metal zinc slide, it is what a handgun should be.
Yes a Browning Buckmark is worth it. The trigger alone is worth it. Your wife will claim it for her own and give you the P22, I used to own a Buckmark but now my wife does.
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