Want to buy a Surefire... They Won't ship!!

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Jul 8, 2003
Hi guys:

As you know, i live down here in Peru... I was checking out Surefire's website and they won't ship to outside the US, as most online stores I have visited.

¿Is that some kind of law or just some store policy?

¿Do you guys know where can I buy one of those lights and have it shipped to Peru?

I really appreciate you replys

Not so much illegal, unless tactical flashlights are a no-no under Peruvian law. But Peru isn't in NAFTA yet. HR 3688 is still pending before the Senate. Which means commercial shipping over there can be a serious headache and quickly eat up any profit from the sale. I remember the difference in shipping live animals to Mexico vs. non-NAFTA nations. The Mexican paperwork was virtually identical to the stuff I had to fill out to ship to Iowa. The other countries--not so much.

I'd suggest searching around Peru for a shop that brings the stuff in wholesale.
The USA has laws about exporting the latest technology. Until the Government approves a sale, it can't be made to any foreign nation. I am only guessing that some of the Surefire products are included here, as I have seen the same thing with several brands of the new high power LED lights.

So maybe they just made a blanket decision to not export yet, as their sales in the US might be all they can handle now. That's just a guess.

Bart Noir
the restricted shipping laws of some of the sellers/suppliers is just beyond understanding. may have something to do with "fire" in the name.some states you can't ship a Glock into.not just the pistol but anything with Glock written on it. ball caps,range bags,ect. Sportsmans Guide has more restricted items to various states than the ole "Carter has pills". jwr
Right Cosmoline!!

Dollar dropped around 17 cents since July, but I am in the exporting business, so that kinda hurts my pocket... just 2 or 2 1/2 years ago I could get 3.45 Soles for a dollar... now just 2.98!

I was asking about the surefuire because on the 23rd I received my Thunderwear (shipped directly from the manufacturer) and now I have a place to comfortably carry a flashlight... and I always wanted the Surefire...

Anybody out there who works in a store that carries Surefire?

I have some experience with shipping to Latin America. The problem is not the technology so much as it's their import regulations. You would probably have to purchase the flashlight through mail order in the US and then someone would have to act as the importer of record to get the flashlight into Peru. This could be a costly process for you.

Do you have anyone from the states coming down to Peru? This might be the best way to get it in, but you want to make sure you are square with any importation taxes and duties. You wouldn't want to do jail time for a flashlight. :eek:
I see alot of Surefire lights on ebay. If they dont list shipping restrictions
I would see if they can drop it in a box and mail it straight to you door.
Surefire typically has dealers in the countries they want to export to.

For example, Surefire doesn't normally export to individuals in Canada either. There are Surefire dealers in Canada who service that market.

I suspect export/import regs are another reason Surefire doesn't export to individuals outside the United States too.
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