Want to sell your Guardian angel?

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Jul 8, 2003
Hi guys!

I have been doing some reading and would really like to buy one of those "Guardian Angel" OC systems from Kimber, my GF is nuts about them (and so am I :eek:) the thing is that none of the websites I have found will ship it internationally!

Do you guys know any place that ships them? Do you have one ( new or LNIB) that you would like to sell and mail to Peru? i can pay either by CC or paypal...

thanks in advance for all your kind replys.

The Guardian Angel product is actually manufactured by Piexon in Switzerland. Perhaps you should start there as to who imports/sells to Peru.


I also noticed that Kimber is exclusive distributor to North & Central America. If it isn't available in So. America, perhaps you can inquire with Kimber sales in Central America.

Personally, I wouldn't want to deal with export laws and penalties trying to send you one from the USA.
If you don't mind me asking, is there any reason you'd rather have one of those vs. a can of good spray?
Someone correct me if I am wrong, but from what I understand, with the Guardian Angel you get two chances to get your attacker's snot box and eyes with the stuff. With a spray, you can direct a continuous stream or short bursts (and more of them) at an attacker.

you are correct . two shots , it a great marketing gimmick for forgetful women . seeing how my wife is Italian and cant think past pasta and bad purses i got her a keychain model . she always has it . if you want something with a pocket or belt clip like the kimber just get a MKVI version of what ever you brand is.
Hmmm... the thing is that she actually loves the idea of it having a trigger (And I would love to be able to keep it clipped to the sun visor of the car). For carry, I carry some FOX (hehe the trip to vegas was great! I got to buy lots of stuff - I am sorry I just could not make it to that range where they rent full auto weapons.-.. it was a work related trip).

Is it hot stuff? or just a novelty?
and two shots is still just two shots. you miss twice you now have a pissed off person . Like ive heard for the argument of using a stream spray " if you need to use it you more then likely dont have time for accuracy"
Putting two shots from a two-barreled derringer into a person's face at spitting distance or less is not difficult. Anyone that thinks it is might be alittle surprized to find that a spray or foam must be aimed as well.

If there is a headwind, changable or sidewind, a spray or foam may be all but useless. Or worse you might find yourself wearing it as you intended to deliver it.
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