Wanting something for squirrel control besides a 22 and need opinions.

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When squirrels or woodchucks are the problem, my bull-barreled .17 HMR, CZ 455 is up to the challenge, especially out to 75 yards...which is farther that I can see woodchucks in the back yard, due to low growth and terrain. Several good-sized woodchucks have met instant death from the little, but deadly .17!!
I'm very happy with my epoxy-bedded, .17 HMR fluted, bull-barreled CZ 455 American. It's extremely accurate and quite deadly on small game, including woodchucks in the extended back yard. It's not too bad to look at and handle, either. The trigger is nicely-tuned.

Tikka 17HMR.jpg
Go to Academy and buy a few Havahart traps. Wire a half ear of corn to the trip plate.
Take the squirrels trapped to some woods or swamp at least 5 miles away.
Squirrel hunters will appreciate your efforts.

That wouldn't work around me. Them evil tree rats have all moved to town for the easy meals. I have plenty of woods around my small town of 1,100 people to include two conservation areas. I hardly see any squirrels out in the woods because they all moved to town. There are just too many bird feeders along with outdoor cat and dog bowls full of food.

I have used CB caps in the past even though I'm not supposed to use firearms inside city limits. The CB caps are quieter than my .177 break barrel pellet rifle.
A decent pellet rifle. Preferably a pcp. Head on down to the air gun section on here. A lot of good info. Or look into suppressors.
That's what I was going to suggest. I have a .25 cal Benjamin Marauder that's great on all small
to medium size game. Super accurate and the .25 packs a wallop. Quiet enough for use in
neighborhoods where a .22 with bird shot would be frowned on. It's PCP too,
I have the same problem as the OP and SHOULD have bought a marauder but couldn't justify the cost....they were between $4-500 back when I was looking and at the time there were just too many great used powder burners available for around the same amount. So I picked up a Benjamin Discovery when it went on sale with pump for $200. It's a tack driver at short range, and on paper the specs looked like it was just the ticket but turns out the thing is dang near as loud as a .22lr! And unless it's a head shot under 30 yards the pellets just bounce off the little buggers and they scamper away laughing.

I've since had to resort to a low powered crossbow, which is less than ideal. It gets the job done quietly but passes straight through and cleaning bloody bolts isn't exactly my idea of a good time.
Rugged ranch Squirrel trap. Bird seed for bait. I caught a squirrel every time I used it in a few hours. I used to use a 22 but more neighbors moved in, then used a 22 pellet rifle. More neighbors had to go to traps.
I have an RWS 36 for the squirrel population here. I only shoot the ones on my bird feeder. I haven't shot one in several years. I guess they know the rules. Tuned up one of these can hit a quarter at 25 yds. It may be a 50 yd rifle but I've never tested it. I just don't need any more accuracy than that to pop a squirrel from my living room slider. This air rifle is probably 40 years old and still shoots like a champ. I'm not sure they even make them anymore but I'm sure you can find one just as good. I've read that air rifles are popular in Europe. I think this one was made in Germany.

Rugged ranch Squirrel trap. Bird seed for bait. I caught a squirrel every time I used it in a few hours. I used to use a 22 but more neighbors moved in, then used a 22 pellet rifle. More neighbors had to go to traps.

Was just looking at this based on your post:

The Squirrelinator is a unique, multi-catch squirrel trap that can catch dozens of squirrels in only a matter of hours! No more spreading costly baits that can potentially harm other non-targeted animals or the environment. Comes complete with a basin, for transportation, or drowning. Please check with your local state laws.

I worked a decent size computer company back in 2008 that had it's offices in a 4 story building backed up to a small man made lake. One day one of sales gals was looking out the window and commented to those around her, "What's this guy doing with that raccoon in a live trap?" A bunch of us joined he at the window. Then "OMG! He just drowned that raccoon!"
As much as I love .22 rifles I found a niche for PCP air rifles. The air gun geeks only like the latest and greatest but the Benjamin Marauder is USA made, feels and works like a real rifle and will still be shooting a 100 years from now because just about everything needed to keep it going can be gotten at a hardware or farm store. And they are quiet. One of my .25 Marauders, converted to a side lever and some other stuff:

But you do have to have a means of getting compressed air into the thing and .25 caliber is air thirsty. Thus the initial outlay can be steep. And therefore justifies purchasing additional PCP air rifles ;).
The OP was last seen the day after this thread was posted, and has not checked in since. Many good answers have been submitted, but the thread seems to have answered the question. I will close for now, but if OP reappears I hope we will learn what solution he went with.
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