Were your parents Anti or no?

What were your parents?

  • Anti all the way

    Votes: 103 15.2%
  • Neutral

    Votes: 156 23.0%
  • Pro gun but never owned

    Votes: 68 10.0%
  • Pro gun and owned

    Votes: 395 58.3%
  • HUGO

    Votes: 9 1.3%

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From the stories he and my father told the below pic applied long before the Deacons got their start in the mid sixties.
A friend of mine really could have hooked that guy up, having at one time bought fully half of Sierra's production of 200gr. .323 Matchkings for a year! :D

Of course he also bought an extra receiver cover and had a base for a Redfield Palma sight mounted on it. :)
Dad was pro and often took his business clients on pheasant hunting trips in the Dakotas. He helped me choose my first gun when I was twelve (16 ga. bolt action mosberg) but told me I would have to save my own money to buy it. We spent quite a few weekends shooting clays. Good times and better memories.
Mom and Dad met while in the military. One shot Expert with the 1911, the other Sharpshooter with an M1 Carbine, which was a big deal back in those days as it added to the paycheck. They had the standard Midwestern battery (12 / .22 / 30-30) at the house and we learned common sense with weapons from them, the Boy Scouts, neighbors, and friends.

...as will my family.
Both mildly pro. My father had been in the Army both Pre-WWII and in the ETO, and in the Border Patrol before and after. My mother grew up in the Chicago of the 20s and 30s. She told the story of coming home late one night and my grandfather taking a pot shot at her from the upstairs landing (thought she was a burglar, I guess).

I got the customary kids's .22, a Marlin 80C also, at age 12. Got interested in pistols at age 16, and they went with me to shop for one; we went a few miles to an adjoining state, I paid cash, and took it home with me with everyone's approval.

A couple of years later I got to wanting a 1911, and they bought a DCM .45 from an acquaintance ($25) and I got it for Christmas ("Gee, Dad, it's a 1911!")

Somewhere I have a picture of my Mom shooting that pistol, no earmuffs and hardball ammo. She was one tough cookie, that lady. :what:

My Dad was never much into guns himself but tolerated my shenanigans as long as I behaved myself. He once commented that he had wanted a Colt Woodsman back in the day--but never got it. He did get to wanting a snubbie revolver as he got older so I found him a nice little S&W M60. I don't think he ever shot it, but he kept it in his nightstand drawer along with his old time sap.

My daughter now cherishes that M60. I have the sap. :p
Dad pro gun and owns though he has given me most of them since he lost interest in hunting/target shooting, Mom neutral on the subject. Never fired a gun, no interest but fine with guns in the house.
My mother didn't care about guns, but would ride to the range with us and read in the car while we shot. It was a pretty spot under the trees overlooking a small river valley. Then we'd drive into Lexington for lunch.

"but fine with guns in the house."

My mother didn't allow guns in the parlor and I don't think it was due to a fear of getting oil on the furniture. She didn't think it was polite for somebody to be jumping up and running to the car, hall closet or basement to grab a gun for show and tell when we were entertaining visitors. For all I know it was her mother's rule, but that's the way it was for a good 50 years.

After a reasonable period of polite conversation anybody who was interested could adjourn to the kitchen, basement, back yard, etc.

Parlor = room for entertaining visitors.
Living room = where you're allowed to put your feet up on the furniture and eat while watching tv.
Kitchen = where everybody gathers.
Strangers = people who come to the front door. :)

My dad taught me how to shoot a single shot 22 rifle when I was 9 years old, I still have that rifle.:D My dad is firmly pro-gun, avid outdoorsman, and was a hunter in his earlier years, he's now 64. My mom is pretty neutral, she doesn't want to own a gun, but doesn't have a problem with me having them. However, my mom has expressed interest in learning how to shoot my 357 revolver, loaded with 38 specials, for times when we are away from the house. We live out in the country, it gets creepy out here at night, very, very dark, no streetlights.

This is why I keep my XD-40 loaded with my Streamlight attached, it will light up the dark pretty good.:D
I learned about guns from my dad, grandpa, grandpa's friends, cousins, 2nd cousins and an uncle. The first time I even heard an anti-gun comment was in middle school.
I had both extremes. My dad was definetely pro 2A, even owned his own gun store for years. My mom is a huge anti and made him sell it. She also "made" him get rid of all the guns in the house. As far as I know though she is still finding guns hidden all through that house!
My Mom is a huge, flaming liberal, as is my sister. My Dad was an Aerial Gunnery Instructor for the Navy in WW II, but a pacifist thereafter, so we had no guns and an anti gun slant in my house during my formative years.

Lot of good that did...

These days I collect rifles, pistols and shotguns and I teach self defense.

If it were up to me, every law abiding citizen would learn to shoot and know the 4 basic rules.
Dad is pro-gun, and we had a decent colection of guns when i was growing up.
Mom on the other hand I think of as being Neutral, b/c while she wasn't "Anti" she didn't exactly like or truly feel comfortable with guns...
Of course i can fully understand her feelings since she lost her younger brother to an accidental shooting.

I wasn't allowed to even touch a real gun, untill i was 11 or 12, in deference to my mother's feelings on the issue.
My family have always been rural/mountain people until the last two generations. My grandpa grew up during the depression in North Georgia, where guns were for putting food on the table, recreation, and keeping away trouble. My dad tells me that my great grandfather was a crack shot but sadly I never got to meet him. He died in 1977. I got his name though.
Aside from the passing comment about how easy it is to get guns (not how easy it is for *criminals* to get guns, mind you), my parents have always been neutral. Neutral may not be the right word, it's closer to apathy than neutrality. We'll see if they are anti when I start talking to them about buying a long gun.
My mom and dad are and have been pro-gun.

However, my dad was the first one in his family to own a gun (he joined the FBI). Shortly after he joined the FBI, he bought his own personal handgun and shortly thereafter he gave a handgun to his dad and his brothers decided to buy some guns.

I grew up shooting some of the most basic firearms out there, 10/22, 870, S&W Model 10, Sig 228, Glock 23/27.

Not to mention the firearms that my scout leaders, church leaders, and uncle's owned. Many family and friends joined the military and in other LE agencies.

I grew up in a fairly pro-gun environment.
Neutral to Pro

My Mom was from West Virginia and grew up with guns in the house with my grand-father and uncle hunting. My dad is from New Hampshire though never got involved in hunting/shooting because his family didn't have the money to do so.

I was raised in Rhode Island so the topic of guns never really came up because it was something that wasn't done. I guess I was raised neutral because my parents never discouraged it and I always had cap guns. I shot my first rifle, a .22, at camp in New Hampshire and always shot bb guns when visiting my uncle in New Hampshire.

When we moved to North Carolina was when I really became a gunny. I bought my first gun as a Sophmore in college at a gun show (a Swiss K31 which I have since traded for a S&W 13) and upon seeing my new found interest in firearms, my grandfather (mother's father) gave me most of his gun collection. My dad has now really started to get into shooting. With increased break-ins/ around my parent's house my dad wants to get his concealed carry permit; he's always wanting to come to the range with me or on any of my expiditions to local gun stores; as well as wanting to see any new purchases I make.

My mom was a little ambivilant at first, especially when I started carrying concealed. I had thrown my S&W 642 in the console of my car one day because I was going to be working late in the city. My mom saw the S&W box on my bed (this was when I lived at my parent's house) and commented to my father "You know he took his gun to work with him?!" My dad just replied, "I think that's smart." Now she's pretty much cool with it. She wants me to take her out and teach her to shoot a handgun.

My grandmother (mother's mother) recently asked me if she could have one of my grandfather's shotguns back because the area where she lives has had a problem with drugs recently. I instead bought her a Mossberg .410 (due to my grandfather's shotguns being 12 gauge) and as soon as I handed it to her, before I could say anything, she racked the slide back like an old pro.

I guess being a gunny can really run in the family.
Both my parents grew up on farms. They view guns as tools to add meat on the table. They sometimes wonder about hicap weapons. But as my dad puts it, we never went hungry, we went hunting.
both were flaming liberals and anti - even though dad was awarded some medals at the battle of the bulge. their two sons took after both grandpa's and shoot, hunt, fish, and ccw. thanks grandpa!
My Dad's dead now but taught me to shoot when I was about 5. I killed my first deer with a Marlin .30-30 when I was 8. My is still alive and owns 3 guns herself, not counting my step-dad's.
My Dad is kind of pro-gun, he owns guns and always did. He taught me basic gun saftey, and a basics of shooting. But he wasn't a hunter, and wasn't into recreational shooting, So we never did any of that. I didn't express a great intrest in firearms as a child and he didn't push it on me.

Mom was another story. I can't say she was anti-gun, be she was certainly anti-me-having-gun/bow/car/anything-that-has-even-the-slightest-chance-of-causing-me-injury.

stepdad was completely indifferent to firearms, not anti, but never owned or used a firearm. He did however, put his foot down with my mom and got me a BB gun, found a bow for me to buy, and saw too it that I was able to get myself a decent car.

stepmom, I never really liked her, and never got to know her. So I don't know what her stance on guns was, she died a couple of years ago. But considering Dad had guns, I assume she was at least indifferent.
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