What .40 to buy?

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Dec 14, 2008
Since all I can seem to buy locally is .40s&w ammo, and I currently do not own a .40, I have decided I must have one.:D

I am not a big fan of Glocks. (The two I have owned previously both shot low left and required aftermarket sights to correct the problem)

Since this is not really something I "need", I am assigning a $500 budget, give or take a few bucks.

What would you buy?

Smith & Wesson 410 for those of us that dislike plastic.
I brought home a Sig P226 this week and after about 200 rounds, think it's the cat's meow. I have a Glock 22 and can't seem to shoot consistently with it. I don't like the way I have to angle my finger way down to pull the trigger. If it had a lower tang, it would fit better in my hand.
S&W M&P .40. I have 4000+ rounds through mine, no failures. It conceals well, is light weight, has a decent trigger and low bore axis for recoil-reduction.

The M&P was one of the few pistols out there designed around the .40, so the caliber and platform work well together.


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I have a Sig 239 (40SW) and an XD 40 subcompact. Both have hundreds of rounds thru them and neither has had any problems. The Sig was pre-owned (LEO), the XD was new. I purchased the Sig first, wanted a 40 SW cal fiream. Liked the round and then decided to purchase one with more capacity and a slight advantage in concealment (the XD holds more and is SLIGHTLY smaller.

IMHO, you need to try out different models and pick the one that best fits your hand and the one that you can bring "on point" without too much hand/arm movement - the one with the most natural "point of aim".
How about the one that fits your hand and has the size and mix of features you are looking for?
Send my your hand, and I will gladly conduct testing to determine what pistol fits it best.

Or, if your goal is just to have a gun that burns .40S&W ammo, Hi-Point makes some really cost-effective ones.
I like my XD-40, of course I like my Ruger P-944 also but the XD is a little smaller & I shoot it better. That said you should probably look around online, maybe some shops near you & see what is out there. I saw some Atl. PD trade in S&W 4003 TSW pistols in .40 at a Army Navy store near here for 350 dollars if I remember right. If possible I'd say go rent & figure out what you like.
What I'm looking for too. I've shot a bunch and the Glock 23 and the S&W M&P
40 felt and shot best for me. Don't know if either of them, new, can be had for under $500?
If $500 is your limit, check out FN's FNP-40, you can usually find them for around $425-$450, sometimes less and they came w/ 3 mags, holster, mag pouch, and hard case. They are excellent pistols.
Walther P99AS in .40
Got one, like it a lot!

Or if you want smaller the Walther PPS in .40
Got one of them too and also like it a lot!
Without doubt..


If you're looking for the softest shooting, most forgiving, 40cal, whether we're talking about any type/make ammo one chooses to shoot, be it with a full 2 hand grip or one-handed shots, be them weak, limp, etc., and still keeps on firing, for 500 bucks, give or take..

Having both:

NIB Beretta Px4 40 or

A nice used Sig P229/40 or 226/40 (450 - 550)

Both offer DA/SA

And both are the easiest, quickest, no-brainer, guns to disassemble, inspect, clean, and reassemble, out there, bar none..


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