What are the best ear muffs I can buy?

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Don't sweat it, it is less traumatic than getting water in your ear taking a shower. Think of the benefits!
DBR, the custom plug idea never even crossed my mind. Thanks for the tip. Can you really get them for $65?
$65 is what a local audiologist charged me a couple of years ago. That included fitting and one set of silicone rubber plugs. I use them often and they are holding up very well. By the way I believe they are at least equivalent to a NRR 30-35 muff and they are not compromised by hats and glasses.
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not a muff, but

I've heard nothing but good about these things:


It's what comes to mind when I hear "Best" and "Ear Protection". I've got my eye on the mid-range product - might take a bit before the CFO is convinced of the need.

I just bought some 30db Peltors.

They were $25 at my local shop when I stopped to buy some ammo.

I figure it wasn't worth the extra $6 for the other pair which claimed 31db. $6 for an extra db didn't seem too wise.

Also got some 32db plugs.

What do you people think?


Thanks for the help!
Gun Tests had great things to say about the Peltors. I don't think they get any better.

One thing I picked up from the acoustic doors we deal with at work is that STC / dbA scales are logarithmic. The attenuation of an STC 55 door is actually double that of an STC 50 - not a 10% increase that I would have guessed.

I'm not sure how that relates to the NRR ratings on muffs but I'd guess it's similar - if so, I wouldn't be surprised to see pricing differences apparantly out of context with dbA increases.

The "rule of thumb" I got from Riverbank Acoustical is a straightforward "bump" of 5dbA for tandem mounting of 2 similar assemblies.

stc 30 plugs + stc 30 muffs should = total performance of stc 35.
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