What are your favorite hammer-fired compact pistols....

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Got a Sig P238 for the wife, and I liked it so much I got a P938 for my own EDC. But for a compact double-stack gun that is a great shooter, I like the Witness poly compact 9mm.

Really like the look of your M11-A1! I used my brother's P228 for a number of years as my test bed for different handloads I put together. That gun ate them all, including some target loads that were a little on the light side and some that were definitely getting a tad bit warm. When I gave the gun back to him I decided I would like something close to that in a gun mainly for home defense. A buddy of mine who worked at the local gun shop showed me a used but like new P229R , with the E2 grips, SRT, factory night sights, and with 3 spare mags; all for way less than what a new one goes for. This one covered all the bases and I was sold as soon as I handled it. Great for home defense and equally well suited for concealed carry as well.

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Old Dog

Which such an outstanding collection of SIGs, any favorites (besides them all)?
The old favorite -- as far as compacts go -- was the West German P228, but lately I've come to love the new P225-A ...
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