What best describes your local gunstore owner?

What best describes your local gun store owner?

  • Friend

    Votes: 31 22.0%
  • Enabler

    Votes: 28 19.9%
  • Pusher

    Votes: 14 9.9%
  • Patriot

    Votes: 8 5.7%
  • All of the Above

    Votes: 60 42.6%

  • Total voters
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I voted All.
He has a small shack in the country; been there all my life, great guy!
Although the best one word description would be deaf. Really, he can't hear much of anything anymore.
I can't tell you how many times i have shot a pistol/rifle out the back window or deck.
one in a million
Unanimous so far!

Friend- Knows my name / story. Yep.
Enabler-Gives me what I ask for without question. Yep.
Pusher-(LOL)"Hey, try this ammo, you'll like it" and "See ya next time." Yep.
Patriot-Ret. Marine. Yep.
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I am lucky in that I have several gun store owners in my area. They run the gamut. Some got into it because they loved to hunt. Some are patriots of sorts. Some are flat out capitalists and if guns were banned tomorrow they wouldn't shed a tear, they would just sell used cars. Surprisingly, only a few are friendly, personable fellows. I guess being under the eye of the ATF makes for sour demeanors. A few are right out snobs who won't discuss guns unless they think they hear cha ching.
Small town, his kids went to school with my kid, his wife graduated with my ex, etc. Family's have known each other for generations. Way better than the gun store in the Metro ... the range side people are pretty cool, and the gunsmith counter folks are decent to cool (depends), but the sales guys are snobs.
Don't know. Never met him.

Managers and employees...lots of them...but never met the owner/owners.

As for the managers/employees they're great people who keep what I want in stock, never "push" anything, answer questions, put up with me being in the way, and will stand there and hand me anything I ask for as long as I want to stand there. They know when to leave me alone and let me look, but seem to know just when I want to see something. They're nice to my wife and don't treat her like "just a dumb girl." They hold the door for us when they see us coming in/going out (my wife is handicapped). If they don't, 9 times out of ten, another customer will do it.

Good store really.
There are several gun stores hereabouts. The two closes to me get the lions share of my business. They both are reloaders as I am and we all shoot with each other often. The deals are good and just great all around good guys. They will not ever be millionaires as they are always helping out us customers to the tune of not much profit. But to the other extreme there are other local gun shops that I do not so much as give a passing glance because they have proved to be gun snobs with a rather poor attitude and high prices. Wonder how those jerks stay in business?? One has a sign on the wall that states "Quality is not expensive it is worth every penny." and his prices on everything are 50-60% above all the other local stores. I go in once a year and the inventory stays virtually the same.:rolleyes: We all should support a good business for sure.:D
One local shop, every time I go in there he tries to put at least two or three guns in my hand at once.
My gun shop owners are out of this world. They started in a little shop about a year ago, and being the only gun store in the area, they are getting so much business its not even funny! They started with just a dozen long guns and 4-5 handguns, and now they can carry 2-3 dozen handguns and more long guns than they have space for! Talk about friendly too! They honestly want you to walk out with the perfect gun, or they will go out of their way to get the perfect gun.
Yeah, no option for "doesn't care about customers, only BSing with buddies, store is a mess, stock over priced, never has what I am looking for, but is the only gunshop for miles."
You also missed the option for "Running a construction business out of one side of the store while trying to use the gunstore side to fund the Fancy Firearm/Big Game Safari hobby".:uhoh:

Seriously, I've been in there more than once trying to buy ammo or accessories and had all available people shouting at cellphones, trying to solve contractor problems.:cuss:

Prices on EVERYTHING run 15-30% higher than gunshops in the area--we're not talking WW, these are other LOCAL GUN STORES!:what:

They have moved and seemingly now have persons who actually are there to sell guns and stuff but prices, if anything, are even higher.:eek:

Then, there's the newish, younger guy who knows everything about tacticool but couldn't tell a Mauser from a M-N from a Lee Enfield from a '03 Springfield with a wall chart...:(

Or the Grumpy Old Guy Gunstore. Unless you're a hot babe, don't expect prompt, courteous, knowledgable service unless you're a fat old greybeard (fortunately, I AM a fat, old greybeard and it's one of my favorite places--besides, they're in love with my red-haired wife and they trip all over themselves to help her).:D

And let's not forget my favorite pawnbroker. While he doesn't sell ammo or accessories, I've been dealing with the guy for twenty-five years and he'll give me his rock-bottom price for whatever I want to buy, sometimes as much as 60% off the sticker price. Yeah, that price will be high but it's to leave negotiating room and my price will be significantly lower than that.:neener:

When you post a poll, you might allow for ALL the options: I couldn't vote...:banghead:

Always has several guns on him and enjoys the "tactical" thing but is also a BIG fan of the basic 1911. A little odd, but well stocked and prepared and also helpful and very friendly. Hmmm, wife just asked what my plans were for the day. Not cutting grass, so I may go hang out at the range and shoot the BS a while. Maybe some bullets too.

There's also the "old guy" (ex marine/LEO) that hangs out, works part time just for the fun and to keep busy and is a wealth of info and enjoys helping noobs get a handle on what they're doing. There's a coffee maker that is probably only turned off at night and makes the worst coffee you ever tasted, but everybody will sit and have a cup and chat a while. The shop I frequent is the modern equivalent of Floyd's barber shop in Mayberry. Very patriotic, down to earth, and enjoyable.
It's that old jacket that looks like it's been through hell but is comfortable and does what it should
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The owner himself is a friendly guy, but the store is big enough so that he has quite a few employees - about 8 working in store at any given time. Some know their stuff, others, well, they're salesmen. Everyone is friendly, but most tend to be a bit on the "pusher" side.
I have been going to one shop about 60 years---the father has passed now--the son is very friendly. He was sick for about 6 months & his relatives ran the shop--they appeared to be sour but I think because they did not know what they were doing.
His mother finally retired & I miss her.
All in all I give them an A+
I no longer have a good local gun shop only a pawn shop that does stock used and quite a few new handguns but he will order whatever you would like to buy.
I had just found a friend in the owner of a family owned gunshop who was also into a lot of other things that I enjoy as well. About 3 months after we met two punks walked into the store and shot him and a customer. The customer survived my new friend did not. He left behind a wife and two young daughters who closed up shop and left. I wish that there had been time to know them better they were an honest hard working young family.
Hey, Hossfly68:

You just described my Grumpy Old Guy LGS--in fact, my wife and I have called it "Grumpy's" for so long that we've forgotten the actual name.:confused:

Also, you seem to have forgotten us ex-Paratroopers. We did the same things Marines did only we did it from above (got paid extra, too :neener:).

A couple of other things the poll omitted: Big Box Stores and dedicated sporting goods stores. For some folks, WW or Bass Pro is their only access to guns'n'stuff.:(

In my case, my favorite BBS is Scheel's. If you can get near the used pistol case, bargains are to be had, e.g. an Old Model, three screw, 7 1/2" bbl .44 Mag Super Blackhawk for $250 or a S&W Model 10-8 Heavy Barrel for $300. Both in immaculate condition. (Price for M-10 S&W is in line, but the HB adds a couple hundred to the price):what: Some good deals on long guns there, too.

As far as WW--as I said in a post on another forum, if they have a 10/22 for a couple of hundred and the LGS has the same gun for over three hundred, well, sorry but for $100, I'm driving the eleven miles to WW.;)

And last but not least, let's not forget the Angry Gunstore Owner. He hates lookie-loo's and, unless he's sold to you before or you've got a stack of ammo in hand, he's reluctant to take his gun out of his case for you to thumb up. If he ain't got it, it's a POS and I wouldn't have it in my store but if he's overstocked, the Hi-Point is the finest firearm known to man. You've been in his store, too.:banghead:

This is fun, expand the poll--

I tried Academy. Here's how that went:

"can you take the trigger guard off so I can see how the trigger feels?"

"uh, not unless you're going to buy it today. Are ya?"

"not unless I can feel the trigger"

"uh, are ya gonna buy it today?"

"if the trigger feels right"

"uh, We can't take the guard off unless ya buy it."

"guess you're not sellin the gun unless I can feel the trigger"

"uh, are you gonna buy it today?"

"not even if it was free"

Thats like buying a car without test driving it!
My LGS rubbed me the wrong way when they had an employee ditch his job (I mean pack up and leave without telling anyone ditch), hire a guy to replace him, and only had the new employee work weekends with the promise of "more hours in a couple of months." Had that guy cleaning out the lead pits too.

Two months later the former employee comes back begging for his job... guess who they canned to give that guy his job back?

Oh yeah, the canned employee was a veteran, too.
Clueless is a great description of our local gun "store" owner. He makes his money selling saddles/tack....
He does not know the difference between a shotgun and a rifle. Seriously.
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