What blade are you carrying today?

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Benchmade Mini-Grip. Same as always. I've never been one to switch up my "EDC," be that pistols or knives.

Benchmade 41MC Balisong. Occasionally I sub it in, and give my Benchmade 615 Mini-Ruckus a break.
Spyderco Delica 4, stainless handle, VG-10 blade, and a Victorinox Executive.

Wow, I haven't only carried two knives in a long time.
Kershaw 1993-2 gentleman's knife
and a Case 279f
Victorinox the real soldiers knife. Handy with a screwdriver and medium sized blade.
Spyderco Manix 2 XL. Abused several times a week to cut industrial power cords off military gear leaving on local national trucks as scrap.

Benchmade minigriptilian 555hg and an Irwin folding utility knife. The Benchmade for emergencies and the Irwin for abuse.
Today is just like every other day. I am carrying a Kershaw Vapor in black. It has survived 6 years of hard use/abuse, 2 years of it in industrial maintenance machine shop work. I do need to send it in to get sharpened though, the edge is getting pretty mangled and I don't feel like taking most of a saturday fixing it.
My current daily is a Benchmade Ascent in full sized model. I have two other blades for daily carry but they're for different circumstances (an old full sized Henckel folder with carbon steel blade for woodworking tasks, and an Al Mar Eagle for dress occasions where a slender profile is preferred). The Benchmade is with me every day on the water (I'm a full time fishing guide working the Everglades saltwater areas and at one boat ramp or other day or night down here in paradise....).
Currently, it's my first Spyderco; a Dragonfly II Lightweight. Got it to replace a Kershaw Scallion that was too heavy for my preferences; also, I'd gotten the Kershaw in half-serrated and found out that was a mistake for my purposes.

It's taken a while for me to get used to opening the Spydie, but its handle ergonomics are wonderful, and it's a lot sharper than the Kershaw. BTW, the Kershaw now rides as emergency backup in the center console of my truck.

Honestly, I wouldn't carry a knife at all if I could find a small, sturdy pair of shears that I could carry easily in sweat-pants pocket or beltless lightweight shorts. Good shears are much easier and safer for opening that theft-resistant plastic packaging that everything seems to come in nowadays, and they cut box tape, as well. All I've used my pocket knife for is opening packages, for a long time now.
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