What do have waiting for you in the reloading room?

Dec 1, 2020
I really like the, "What have you done in the reloading room today" thread but it seems like a lot of it is us all catching up on the stuff we should never have got behind on. I've got brass stowed and tucked away in places I can't even reach, don't remember until something goes wrong, and that's just what in the house. I don't even know what's squirreled away in the shed and pole barns anymore.

So here's the question: What have y'all got waiting for your attention in the reloading room - or where you keep your reloading stuff, maybe - that you've been putting off, forgot about, never got that round tuit for, and just plain slipped through the cracks?

For me, it's processing and sorting brass. Gotta get a round tuit but they're just real elusive pieces of equipment.
Fun thread. I recently did a bunch of organizing and sorting, plus loaded 500 rounds of 9MM, but i still have a lot to do when time permits…

1. Clean and sort about 500 misc. rounds from last range visit

2. Clean the bench and press…some lube would be good.

3. Rounds I want to load include…

- .357 * 140 to finish loading all the preprimed brass I got from a friend

- .38 * 100 to get a decent supply ready for a range visit in the next few weeks

4. My equipment wish/buy list continues to grow…need three 550 tool heads, three powder dies, one caliber conversion kit, and a swager tool…about $400 bucks worth of stuff and it will have to wait for a few months…

5. My component wish/buy list is also on standby…need .223, 9MM, and .40 caliber bullets. Could use some more VV N320. Still looking for VV N140 for .223. Another several hundred bucks that isn’t convenient at this time.

But I’ve got my “roun tuit” on order and it’s in the mail headed my way soon…

Take care,
Check out old Texan die set to see if they are worn out or if my first attempts at reloading 38 yrs ago that resulted in cracked head separation was me or the dies. Been using RCBS since.

Attempt annealing with ele. screwdriver and socket method.

Go thru brass to see where in the prep process they are.

Check head clearance with new vs fired brass.

Reorganize, always an ongoing process.

At 9 PM in Phoenix, garage temp is still 95° to 100°. Days are 100° to 110° and it ain't August yet (115° to 117° or more). So for now woodworking honey-dos come first.
250 fully prepped and primed .308 cases that have been ready to load for 10+ years, and yes, I’ve had the bullets all this time.

I received a bunch of primed .38 Spl and .357 cases in a trade several months back. My friend’s uncle who passed from this world in 2008 left a big box of reloading stuff. I traded some factory ammo for the lot. The cases were primed sometime earlier than 2004. They were in glass pickle jars.


I loaded up a bunch and none have failed to fire. Still have another 130 or so to load.
I've got 35 pieces of 38 special brass waiting (I'm new at this it's all I've got), it's been cleaned, decapped and sized just waiting for my bullets to get here from Rocky Mt.

I can spare some .38 Spl and .357 mag brass if you need it. No charge unless you want to help with shipping…I use USPS flat rate boxes.

PM if interested.